IRCICA has an award program aimed at acknowledging outstanding research efforts made in the field of Islamic culture and civilisation throughout the world. The program, initiated in 1990 and named the IRCICA Award for Excellence in Research, consists of presenting plaques of appreciation to select scholars who contributed to Islamic studies in a remarkable way. On the occasion of IRCICA’s twentieth anniversary commemorated in 2000, another award category was instituted under the name of IRCICA Award for Patronage in the Preservation of Cultural Heritage and Promotion of Scholarship, to be presented simultaneously with the IRCICA Award for Excellence in Research.

The IRCICA Award for Excellence in Research was established by IRCICA’s Executive Committee and adopted by its Governing Board on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Centre’s establishment, in 1990. A decision was taken to express recognition to select scholars who produced outstanding studies and research in various fields of Islamic civilisation and contributed towards promoting inter-cultural understanding and dialogue. Considering the virtues and ethical qualities of the scholars and their concrete contributions to the progress of learning and scholarship, the award would reflect the public appreciation, as well as being a source of encouragement to others working in similar fields.

The IRCICA Awards program is appreciated in the scholarly circles concerned particularly for its universal outlook, since it emphasises research and teaching efforts and deeds of cultural patronage which emanate from within and outside the Muslim world but are related to the study, dissemination of knowledge and preservation of the history, cultures and civilisation of the Muslim world.