Heritage Preservation Department

Undertakes activities related to research, publishing, documentation and dissemination of information to underscore the concept of Islamic cultural heritage and strengthen awareness of it throughout the world

carries out studies to assess, register and highlight the Islamic cultural heritage; build up data banks and other archival and documentary facilities recording the assets of this heritage, including fixed assets related to archeology, cities and architectural monuments and movable - tangible and intangible - assets such as manuscript works, library and archive items, audio-visual objects and materials, traditional arts and crafts and other products and forms of expression of Islamic culture

conceives and implements programs for the restoration, reconstruction and preservation of Islamic cultural heritage whether at home or abroad, and recovery and retrieval of those that are lost or scattered; stimulate initiatives and international cooperation in this direction

maintains directories, rosters, registers and pools of expertise related to resource persons, specialists, technical experts and institutions competent in the fields of research, training, information, restoration and conservation of Islamic cultural heritage.