Corporate Research and Publication Department

Undertakes research on Islamic culture and civilisation, the history of Islam and Muslim nations, history and state of science and technology, the arts and crafts of Muslim countries, the cultural dimensions of development, the state of research and scholarly studies in the Member States, and related subjects

disseminates its research results in the relevant institutions and organisations of the Member States and all over the world by publishing books, directories, bibliographies, catalogues, periodicals, papers, reports, brochures, posters, etc.

organises, independently or in cooperation with the related international, regional and national authorities, institutions, organisations, universities, etc. symposia, seminars, conferences, lectures, workshops, as well as exhibitions of visual media, documents, artefacts, etc. with a view to promoting exchanges of ideas, information and cooperation, and enhancing public awareness on the Centre's fields of activity.

undertakes translations, editing, typing, setting-up, graphic design and other activities required for the preparation of the publications, using the services of the Centre's Common Facilities Section

undertakes joint research and publication projects in cooperation with the relevant authorities, institutions, universities, authors, etc. in the Member States and around the world

provides advisory services, undertakes commissioned research work and publications on behalf of public and private parties in and outside the Member States

subcontracts research and data collection projects and other activities to competent individuals, institutions and firms in the Member States and in international circles

prepares the annual work programs, activity reports, and other background and technical documents which are to be submitted to the Governing Board by the Director General for onward submission to the Islamic Summit, the Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers, Ministerial meetings, commissions and committees of the OIC

establishes and administers data banks, rosters and mailing lists related to the research and publication activities of the Centre

devises strategies for introducing the Centre's activities, for distributing and marketing its publications and other output; undertakes public relations assignments, including relations with the international information media.