Resolution of the Tenth Islamic Summit Conference

The Tenth Islamic Summit Conference (Session of Knowledge and Morality for the Progress of Ummah) held in Putrajaya, Malaysia from 20 to 21 Sha’ban 1424 H. (16-17 Ocotber 2003), The Summit Conference expressed its appreciation for the activities of IRCICA to raise awareness of the world public opinion regarding Islamic cultural heritage, and its efforts to maintain and preserve this heritage. In its resolution on the activities of IRCICA, the conference

  1. Takes note of the report submitted by the Director General of the Centre, containing its action plans for 2003/2004 and 2004/2005 and also the report and recommendations adopted by the eighteenth session of the Governing Board of the Centre.
  2. Requests the concerned authorities of the Turkish government and the General Secretariat to coordinate with each other to implement the decisions adopted by the 4th Session of the Board of the Sponsors of the Waqf held in October 2002.
  3. Expresses its appreciation and gratitude to H.E. Mr. Abdullah Wade, President of the Republic of Senegal and Chairman of the COMIAC and also Government of Senegal, for presenting a “Décoration dans l’Ordre National du Lion” as “Commander de l’Ordre du Mérite” to Prof. Dr. Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu, Director General of IRCICA, a king gesture to encourage the Centre in fulfilling the activities entrusted to him for the service of the Islamic Ummah.
  4. Expresses its gratitude and appreciation to H.E. Dato Seri Mahathir Mohamed, Prime Minister of Malaysia, for his unremitting support for cultural development and scientific research in the Islamic world, and expresses its appreciation to the IRCICA for having created, in collaboration and consultation with the competent Malaysian authorities, the “Mahathir Award for Islamic Studies” in the Centre’s recognition of the kindness of His Excellency as an expression of gratitude by the Centre, and for its decision to award the first price in 2005 to studies on the Malay world.
  5. Also expresses gratitude and appreciation to the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for graciously staging for the first time outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a selected photo exhibition of engravings from Makkah Al-Mukarramah and Madinah Al-Munawarah at the Centre’s headquarters in Istanbul.
  6. Lauds the efforts made by the Centre and particularly its Governing Board for the implementation of the Resolution of the Ninth Islamic Summit Conference and the Twenty-ninth Islamic Conference of Foreign ministers and commissioning IRCICA to attach the name of H.R.H. Prince Faysal Ibn Fahd Ibn Abdelaziz -may Allah rest his soul in peace to an important sector of its future activities in the field of Islamic Heritage in appreciation of His Highness’s unflagging support, during the Chairmanship of the Islamic Commission for the Preservation of Islamic Cultural Heritage, to issue a commemorative medal or plate on this occasion, and to invite to the ceremony the son of the deceased, His Royal Highness Prince Nawaf Ibn Faysal Ibn Fahd, to present him with the plate, or medal together with the certificate delivered on this occasion and commends the activity of the Director General of the Centre in this respect and his meeting with H.R.H. Prince Nawaf Ibn Faisal bin Fahd to crystallize this project.
  7. Commends the organization of a series of successful international workshops on architectural heritage today which continued through the Ninth Workshop on Architecture 'Mostar 2004' held in Mostar from 16 to 27 July 2003 and welcomes the 10th Architectural Workshop to be held in Mostar next year.
  8. Expresses its appreciation and gratitude to the Centre for organizing the International Congress on 'Islamic Arts and Crafts' jointly with the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and the Organization of Culture and Islamic Relations, Islamic Republic of Iran, in Isfahan on 4-9 October 2002, and expresses its thanks and gratitude to Islamic Republic of Iran for the patronage extended, support and means provided to ensure the success of this gathering.
  9. Welcomes the project of the Centre to organize an International Congress on 'The Role of the Islamic Civilization in the Building of World Civilization: A Basis of Understanding' in Sharja, UAE during the academic year 2003-2004, under the patronage of H.E. Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohamed al-Qassimi, Member of the Supreme Council and ruler of Sharjah and in collaboration with the American University in Sharjah.
  10. Welcomes the project of the Centre to organize an International Symposium on 'The Calendar as a 'Civilizational Symbol' in conjunction with the International Islamic Call Society (Tripoli), in Istanbul on 23rd to 25th September, 2003.
  11. Welcomes also the project of the Centre to organize an International Symposium on 'Islamic Civilization in Eastern Africa' jointly with the Islamic University in Uganda, in Kampala on 15-17 December 2003.
  12. Welcomes also the project of the Centre to organize the second International symposium on 'the Islamic Civilization in the Balkans' in Tirana, capital of Albania, on 4-6 December 2003.
  13. Welcomes also to organize the 'First International Conference of Islamic Archaeology' during 2004/2005, the conference is expected to become a solidarity forum of excellence which will regularly bring together archeologists, scholars, curators and specialists of Islamic archaeology from around the world.
  14. Welcomes the project of the Centre to organize the 6th International Calligraphy Competition in the name of the Iranian Calligrapher Mir Imad Al-Hasani in 2004.
  15. Expresses its appreciation for the Centre’s efforts aiming to preserve the Islamic Cultural Heritage and Identity of the Islamic communities in non-member countries of the OIC; and requests the Centre to continue these efforts and asks the Member States and the Islamic Institutions and personalities to provide the Centre with the necessary support to be able to achieve this noble task.
  16. Requests the Centre to continue extending its valuable efforts to activate dialogue among civilizations by implementing one of the programs of activities that the Organization of the Islamic Conference intends to execute in this respect.
  17. Notes with gratitude and appreciation the efforts made by Prof. Dr. Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu, Director General of IRCICA, since the Centre’s establishment until today, which are marked by an innovative spirit and excellent style, and expresses its thanks and deep appreciation to staff members of the Centre for the distinguished efforts they have made and are still making in fulfilling the aims entrusted to the Centre.
  18. Welcomes the allocation by ISAR Waqf of US$ 45,000 to Centre’s budget for 2002/2003 financial year and records its gratefulness for the continuous Cooperation and support extended by the ISAR Waqf to the various activities of the Centre, and expresses the hope that further ISAR Waqf would be secured to support the Centre’s Programs.
  19. Approves the following membership of the Centre’s Governing Board from 2003 to 2005:
    Republic of Turkey (host Country)
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (host Country of the OIC)
    Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
    Arab Republic of Egypt
    State of Kuwait
    Republic of Senegal
    United Arab Emirates
    State of Qatar
    The two other members of the Board by virtue of their positions are the Secretary General of the OIC or this representative and the Director General of the Centre.
  20. Expresses its thanks and appreciation to the host country (the Republic of Turkey) and to the other Member States, particularly the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for voluntary material and moral support they are extending to the Centre, thus enabling it to carry out its tasks in a satisfactory manner.
  21. Expresses its thanks to the Member States which regularly pay their contributions to the budget of the Centre and calls upon the other countries to regularly pay their contributions and settle their arrears to the budget of the Centre.