Resolution no. 3/14-C

The Fourteenth Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers, meeting in Dhaka, People's Republic of Bangladesh, from 2 to 7 Rabi'ul Awal 1404 H. (6-11 December 1983),

  1. Approves the recommendations of the Governing Board of the Centre at its second meeting.
  2. Commends the genuine and outstanding work of the Centre and its Director as well as their important achievements in such a short period and with limited means, particularly in respect of the restoration of its new headquarters in the historically important palace which the Government of the Republic of Turkey has kindly offered to serve as its permanent seat.
  3. Calls upon the Member States which have not yet done so to pay their contributions and donations to the budget of the Centre so that the Centre may pursue its activities and achieve the objectives for which it was established.
  4. Approves the work plan of the Centre for 1983-1984.