Resolution no. 10/15-C

The Fifteenth Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers, meeting in Sana'a, Yemen Arab Republic, on 25-29 Rabi'ul Awal 1405 H. (18-22 December 1984),

  1. Commends the exemplary efforts of the Centre which comprise continuous achievements and innovative studies in the fields of research and publication, in addition to the studies and practical measures undertaken by the Centre for the implementation of its plan in spite of the fact that it did not receive the additional resources appealed for by the previous conferences.
  2. Calls upon the Organisation of the Islamic Conference and the Member States to consolidate the budget of the Centre, so as to ensure the publication of its researches and the implementation of its projects.
  3. Requests the Member States which have not yet paid their contributions to the budget of the Centre to do so at their earliest convenience so as to enable the Centre to continue its activities and achieve the goals for which it has been instituted. Also invites them to make donations to the Centre for the development and expansion of its activities.
  4. Approves the report comprising the cultural work plan of the Centre for 1984-1985, and additional activities adopted by the Governing Board of the Centre.
  5. Expresses its thanks to the Government of Turkey for the moral and material support it has continuously given to the Centre, in particular its decision to grant the Yaveran building, so as to enable the Centre to complete the preparations and fittings of its premises needed for its various activities towards achievement of its goals.
  6. Calls upon Member States, Islamic organisations and personalities to make generous donations to the Centre to help it renovate and ready this building.