Resolution no. 28/22-C

The Twenty-second Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers, held in Casablanca, Kingdom of Morocco, from 8 to 10 Rajab 1415 H. (10-12 December 1994),

  1. Commends the efforts of the Centre reflected in its pioneering accomplishments and its activities aimed at meeting the needs of the Muslim Ummah and keeping pace with international developments in the field of culture and Islamic heritage in the optimal way, thus calling for satisfaction and appreciation of efforts exerted in this respect.
  2. Approves the Report which comprises the activities and future plans of action of the Centre and also approves the report and recommendations adopted by the Eleventh Session of the Centre's Governing Board.
  3. Commends the First International Islamic Festival of Artisans-At-Work (Islamabad, October 1994), and expresses thanks and appreciation to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan for hosting and organising such an important and comprehensive event in the field of Islamic handicrafts. It also calls for the general dissemination of the declaration of the Festival (the Islamabad Declaration), in view of the importance of its future prospects of improving the conditions of artisans and promoting this important traditional, cultural, touristic and economic sector.
  4. Expresses its appreciation for the diverse activities carried out by the Centre with the aim of raising the awareness of world opinion with respect to the Islamic cultural heritage in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and for the efforts it exerts for the maintenance and preservation of that heritage.
  5. Recommend IRCICA to make contacts with the Member States to prepare an exhibition on Islamic heritage and culture aimed at publicising the different dimensions of that culture and its role in building up human civilisation and its values and ideals.
  6. Expresses thanks and appreciation to His Excellency the Prime Minister of Malaysia and the Malaysian Government for their generous donation to the waqf of the Research Centre for Islamic History, Art and Culture, thus enabling it to carry out the tasks entrusted to it and invites Member States to take similar initiatives in this respect.
  7. Thanks the State of Kuwait for kindly hosting the Tenth Session of the Centre's Governing Board and for providing all facilities which ensured its success.
  8. Also thanks the Arab Republic of Egypt for hosting the Eleventh Session of the Centre's Governing Board and extending all the necessary facilities for their success.
  9. Expresses its gratitude and appreciation to the host country (Republic of Turkey) and to the other Member States for the material and moral support they are extending to the Centre, thus enabling it to carry out its tasks in a satisfactory manner.
  10. Recommends the Member States to pay their contributions to the budget of the Centre on a regular basis and calls upon them to settle their arrears so that the Centre can implement its current and future plans of action.
  11. Decides to appoint a new Governing Board composed of the following members:
  • Prof. Dr. Ihsan Dogramaci, Turkey
  • Dr. Abdullah Hassan Masry, Saudi Arabia
  • Raja Fuziah Bte. Raja Tun Uda, Malaysia
  • Ambassador Shahid Hussain, Pakistan
  • Dr. Omar Jah, The Gambia
  • Dr. Omar Amine Benabdallah, Morocco
  • Sheikha Hussa Al-Sabah Al-Salim Al-Sabah, Kuwait
  • Prof. Ahmad Mohammad Issa, Egypt
  • Dr. Mohammad Ahmed Suwaidi, UAE
  • Dr. Wijdan Ali, Jordan