Resolution no. 31/26-C

The Twenty-sixth Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers (Session of Peace and Partnership for Development), held in Ouagadougou, Republic of Burkina Faso, from 15-19 Rabi'ul Awal 1420 H. (28 June-1 July 1999),

  1. Adopts the report submitted by the Director General and commends the efforts of the Centre as reflected in its pioneering accomplishments and its activities aimed at meeting the needs of the Muslim world and keeping pace with international developments in the field of culture and Islamic heritage in an optimal way, and highlights the efforts exerted by the Director General in this respect.
  2. Expresses its appreciation for the diverse activities carried out by the Centre with the aim of raising the awareness of world opinion with respect to the Islamic cultural heritage in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and for the efforts it exerts for the maintenance and preservation of that heritage.
  3. Expresses its thanks and appreciation to the host country, Republic of Turkey, for extending material and moral support to the Centre and for providing the headquarters and necessary facilities, especially, granting another building for the Centre for the extension of the library and the archives, and highlights the efforts of H.E. the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Turkey in this regard; also expresses thanks to the other Member States for the material and moral support they are extending to the Centre, thus enabling it to carry out its tasks in a satisfactory manner.
  4. Welcomes the successful organisation of the international symposium on "Islamic Civilisation in Caucasia" held under the patronage of His Excellency President Heydar Aliyev, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, in the period from 9 to 12 December 1998 in the city of Baku, in cooperation with the Government of Azerbaijan, and expresses thanks to the Republic of Azerbaijan for hosting and organising this important academic event.
  5. Commends also the organisation of a series of successful international workshops on "Architectural Heritage Today" which continued through the fourth workshop on architecture "Mostar 2004" held in Mostar under the patronage of His Excellency President Alija Izetbegovic, President of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, from 20 to 31 July 1998.
  6. Also welcomes the successful organisation of the international congress on "Learning and Education in the Ottoman World" on the occasion of the celebration marking the 700th anniversary of the rise of the Ottoman State, in Istanbul, in the period from 12 to 15 April 1999, under the patronage of His Excellency Mr. Suleyman Demirel, President of the Republic of Turkey, and the support and participation of a great number of eminent Islamic personalities.
  7. Expressing its appreciation of the fact that the symposia, conferences and workshops organised by the Centre about the history and culture of Muslim nations and communities and held in different countries have developed the studies in these fields and raised awareness in the world on these subjects, requests the Centre to further expand these activities to cover other topics and regions of the Muslim world.
  8. Expresses its appreciation of the Centre's efforts to contribute to inter-cultural and inter-religious dialogue and project a true image of Islam around the world, and requests the Centre to pursue its activities in this field in cooperation with the working group created for this purpose.
  9. Also welcomes the project of the Centre to hold the first international seminar on "Traditional carpets and kilims in the Islamic world" during the period from 19 to 25 November 1999 in Tunis, in collaboration with the National Agency for Handicrafts of the Ministry of Tourism and Handicrafts, in the framework of the Centre's project aiming at developing traditional crafts in Islamic countries.
  10. Appeals to the Member States to regularly pay their contributions and settle their arrears to the budget of the Centre.
  11. Requests the Secretary General to follow up this matter and submit a report thereon to the next session of the Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers.