Resolution no. 36/28-C

The Twenty-eighth Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers (Session of Peace and Development -Intifada Al-Aqsa), held in Bamako, Republic of Mali, from 04-06 Rabi'ul Thani 1422 H. (25-27 June 2001),

The conference expressed its appreciation for IRCICA’s activities aimed at sensitising the world opinion to Islamic cultural heritage and for its efforts to protect and preserve that heritage. In the operative paragraphs of Resolution no. 36/28-C concerning IRCICA, the conference

1. Lauds the efforts made by the Centre and particularly its Governing Board for the implementation of the Resolution of the 27th Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers and the Ninth Islamic Summit Conference commissioning IRCICA to attach the name of H.R.H. Prince Faisal ibn Fahd ibn Abdelaziz – may Allah rest his soul in peace - to an important sector of its future activities in the field of Islamic heritage, in appreciation of His Highness’ unflagging support, during the chairmanship of the International Commission for the Preservation of Islamic Cultural Heritage; to issue a commemorative medal or plate on this occasion, and to invite to the ceremony the son of the deceased, His Royal Highness Prince Nawaf ibn Faisal ibn Fahd, to present him with the plate or medal together with the certificate delivered on this occasion and commends the activity of the Director General of the Centre in this respect and his meeting recently with H.R.H. Prince Nawaf ibn Faisal ibn Fahd to crystallise the project.

a) Expresses its pleasure and pride for the passage of 20 years since the establishment of the Centre and the high standard it has achieved. Welcomes its celebration organised under the patronage of H.E. Ahmet Necdet Sezer, President of the Republic of Turkey.

b) Expresses its pleasure and pride for the distribution of the third group of the IRCICA Awards for Excellence in Research and for Patronage in the Preservation of Cultural Heritage and Promotion of Research.

c) Expresses its appreciation and gratitude to the Centre for carrying the Fifth International Calligraphy Competition in the name of the dean of the Arab calligraphers the late Sayed Ibrahim, as well as the IRCICA Award for Distinction in Calligraphy, which were successfully implemented and their results announced.

d) Congratulates the Centre for the successful symposium on Islamic Civilisation in the Balkans organised in Sofia, Bulgaria, in April 2000, in cooperation with a number of Bulgarian academic institutions and ISAR Foundation.

e) Commends the organisation of a series of successful international workshops on architectural heritage today, which continued through the 6th workshop on architecture “Mostar 2004” held in Mostar from 14 to 28 July 2000. Welcomes the 7th architectural work session to be held in Mostar from 23 July to 1 August 2001.

f) Welcomes the project of the Centre to organise an international meeting on the “Role of Islamic Civilisation in Building World Civilisation” in Sharjah, U.A.E. in the fall of 2002 under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohamed Al-Qassimi, member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah.

3. Expresses its appreciation for the Centre’s efforts aiming to preserve the Islamic cultural heritage and identity of the Islamic communities in non-member countries of the OIC; requests the Centre to continue these efforts, and asks the Member States and the Islamic institutions and personalities to provide the Centre with the necessary support to be able to achieve this noble task.

4. Requests the Centre to continue extending its valuable support to activating dialogue among civilisations by implementing one of the program of activities that the OIC intends to implement during the international year for dialogue among civilisations.

5. Welcomes the decision of the 27th Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, June 2000) and the 9th Islamic Summit Conference (Doha, Qatar, November 2000) integrating the International Commission for the Preservation of Islamic Cultural Heritage (ICPICH) with IRCICA and adopts the functions of IRCICA expanded to incorporate the tasks previously undertaken by ICPICH. Approves the text of the annexed statute defining the new tasks of the Centre which cover all activities formerly undertaken by both the Centre and the Commission.

6. Appeals to the Member States to regularly pay their contributions and settle their arrears to the budget of the Centre.

7. Requests the Secretary General to follow-up this matter and submit a report thereon to the Twenty-ninth session of the Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers.