Address of Mufti Gousman-Hazrat Ishakov, Mufti of Tatarstan


The conducting of such a conference is an event that pleases God very much. The Quran says that the truth always wins. We are very glad that the conference is dedicated to Islam. I recently returned from Egypt, where I took part in the congress dedicated to the problems of renovation in the application of Islam. There were the representatives of religious and scholarly circles from more than seventy countries. It was a surprise for me that the scientists discussed problems which had been raised by our scientists 100 years ago. At that time we were already thinking of how to live in multinational society, how to deal with issues as to what is permitted and what is forbidden and what to do to preserve our national life and religious traditions. And they managed to find the answers to these questions. And now, 100 years later, the people of the world are facing this problems again. We don't need to invent something anew, we should study our own heritage. We should return to our sources, find the forgotten works, translate them into modern language, not only into our native languages but into the others for the world to learn about these works. Not long ago, an American journalist visited Kazan. He lived here for three days, communicated with students and professors of the Russian Islam University and visited parishes. He said: "You are to tell to everybody: Islam should be just like this. We picture it in the image of the person bearded with green bandage, with sub-machine-gun, cried ‘Allah is great’, ‘killing people’. That is not true. Islam is a religion of peace and good nature. We - the Muslims of Tatarstan - today should present the true face of Islam.