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ألبوم الأعمال الفائزة في جائزة تبريز الدولية للابتكار والابداع في الحرف اليدوية Album of the Winning Entries of the Tabriz International Award for Innovation and Creativity in Crafts

Today we are delighted to announce the publishing of the Awards Album of the Tabriz International Award for Innovation and Creativity in Crafts.  Awards amounted to $60.000 were distributed to ten Craft Topics; each crafts theme obtained three awards as follows: the first award worth $3.000, the second worth $2.000, and the third worth $1.000 – which means a total of $6.000 was granted for each Craft Topic.  This Album represent a documentary Catalogue of all the winning entries of innovative artisans who came from various geographical regions of the world.  It show images of the latest achieved creativity by leading master artisans in fields like miniature, gilding, illumination, carpets, kilims, costumes, embroidery, mosaic, decoration, glass works and many more.  The Album is published in English (457 pages) and Arabic (425) and contains more than 400 colored photos of the winning entries, artisans along with a brief highlight of the sessions of the International Congress on Innovation Dimension in Arts and Crafts, etc.

The Album starts with an introduction of 40 pages which shed light on the importance of innovation and creativity in these days for our societies.  Thus Awards encourage creativity and creativity provides continuous living blood to the Crafts sector which for no doubt will increase the creative abilities of young artisans.

The Festival was organized jointly by IRCICA, Istanbul and Tabriz University for Islamic Arts in cooperation with the Islamic Culture and Relations Organizations of Iran.  Over 300 artisans participated in this Award hailed from the following Countries of various different geographical places of the Muslim World: Algeria, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhistan, Kyrghyzstan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Pakistan, Palestine, Qatar, Senegal, South Africa, Sudan, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uganda and Uzbekistan.

The Album is rich with photos of innovative works of Artisans from different geographical regions of the Muslim World in the following Ten Craft Topics: 1- Carpets, and Kilims; 2- Traditional Costumes, Embroidery, and Batik; 3- Metal Works including Jewelry and Silver Artifacts; 4-  Pottery and Ceramics; 5- Wood-works; 6- Miniature; 7- Paper-making and Ebru (Marbled Paper); 8- Stucco Colored Glass; 9- Gilding and Binding and 10- Straw, Tikar, Baskets and Bamboo Crafts.

The winning entries manifest the authenticity of traditional crafts and arts in the fields of miniature, pottery, ceramics, carpets and kilims, woodwork, metal crafts, costumes, embroidery, textiles, leather crafts, mosaic, architecture, art, decoration, architectural design, bookbinding, stucco colored glass, traditional costumes and other craft works.  These reflect the perfection and the beauty of the craft products realized, thanks to fundamental aesthetical rules set up by these artisans, which have controlled the process of innovation until now.  The festival gathered all the innovators and craftspeople in this field in pavilions forming a craft village where they displayed their works, their tools and the techniques used in their workshops; This occasion provided a unique opportunity for each participating State to assign some master-artisans representing the most important craft products in the country.

The jury committee consisting of craft experts who have a long and field experience in the area of developing handicrafts took into account during the examination and inspection of the submitted works, all the characteristics and technical features of each product, and special attention was given to evaluate the following categories of assessment: Excellence, Creative Concept Design and Invention in traditional Technique.  It is notable to say that the statistics of the group of visitors showed that tenth of thousands of visitor have visited the various stand and activities of the Tabriz International Festival which lasted for eight days.

We do hope that this Album will promote and assist in the creation of an awareness for better understanding of the real values of Islamic arts and crafts in the world and will provide more seeds for new initiatives that will aim to honour our artisans with new awards and recognition of their real contribution to our cultural heritage in a way that will sustain the spirit of innovation and creativity.

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