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IRCICA launches the 11th International Calligraphy Competition

IRCICA’s 11th International Calligraphy Competition is declared open as of May 2018. The deadline for registration is 31 December 2018. The competition will be finalized in April 2019. In line with IRCICA’s tradition to dedicate each competition to an illustrious master of this art, the 11th competition is organized in the name of Mehmed Shawqi Efendi (1245-1304 H/1829-1887 AD).

The Centre invites calligraphers from around the world working in Islamic calligraphy to apply to the competition. The booklet comprising the terms and conditions, the calendar of the competition and the application form is attached herewith.

Promoting the arts of the Islamic world is one of the priorities of IRCICA’s mandate. The Centre aims to preserve the classical artistic heritage while encouraging advancements and achievements. It undertakes research, organizes training programs and holds events to foster exchanges between artists. In this context IRCICA puts emphasis on the art of calligraphy on account of its special place and role in the cultures of the Muslim peoples. One of its major activities in this area is the international calligraphy competition which it has organized every three years starting from 1986. The 10th competition was finalized in May 2016. The ten competitions held over thirty years received a total of 6885 participants from all over the world, where 762 calligraphers on the whole received awards in various categories of writing styles.

The 11th competition is conducted in the following ten categories of styles: Jaly Thuluth, Thuluth, Naskh, Muhaqqaq, Thuluth-Naskh, Jaly Taliq, Ta’liq (Nastaliq), Jaly Diwani, Diwani, Kufi.

The Jury chaired by IRCICA Director General Dr. Halit Eren and the Advisory Board of the competition are composed of masters of calligraphy from different countries.

The calligraphy competition has the objective to encourage artists of Islamic calligraphy to produce works within the framework of the traditional spirit and rules and to protect it from trends which emerged outside the classical principles. With this objective, to encourage artists to emulate the examples of the great masters of calligraphy and, at the same time, to commemorate the latter’s achievements, the first international competition (1986) was organized in the name of Hamid al-Amidi (1309-1402/1891-1982), the second (1989) in the name of Yaqut al-Mustasimi (d.698/1298), the third (1992) in the name of Ibn al-Bawwab (d.413/1022), the fourth (1997) in the name of Sheikh Hamdullah (833-926/1429-1520), the fifth (2000) in the name of Sayyid Ibrahim (1341-1414/1897-1994), the sixth (2003) in the name of Mir Imad al-Haseni (961-1024/1554-1615), the seventh (2006) in the name of the Hashim Muhammad al-Baghdadi (1335-1393/1917-1973), the eighth (2010) in the name of Muhammed Badawi al-Dirani (1312-1387/1894-1967), the ninth (2013) in the name of Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu (1943-..) and tenth (2016) in the name of Hafiz Othman (1051-1110/1642-1698).

The 11th competition is dedicated to Mehmed Shawqi Efendi, who worked in the Secretariat of the Ministry of Defence of the Ottoman State and as teacher of calligraphy in military schools of Istanbul. The exercise books for the thuluth and naskh scripts that he prepared and used in his teaching were published by IRCICA in 1999.

11th Terms and Conditions

11. Yarışma Şartnamesi-Tr

شروط المسابقة الحادية عشرة

Participant Form


Branch of Styles you wish to participate in أنواع الخطوط التي سيشارك فيها Katılacağı Dallar


Declaration and Undertaking التعهد Beyan ve Taahhüd



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