Fourth International Congress on “Islamic Civilisation in the Balkans”, Skopje, Macedonia, 13-17 October 2010

Fourth International Congress on “Islamic Civilisation in the Balkans”, Skopje, Macedonia, 13-17 October 2010


OIC Research Centre for Islamic History, Art and Culture - IRCICA (Istanbul, Turkey) and the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts- MANU (Skopje, Macedonia) are jointly organizing the fourth international congress on the theme "Islamic Civilisation in the Balkans", to be held under the patronage of H.E. Gyorge Ivanov, President of the Republic of Macedonia. The congress will take place in MANU, Skopje, capital of Macedonia, on 13-17 October 2010.

The congress will highlight the history and the heritage of Islamic and civilisation in the Balkans under their past and present aspects. It will encourage inter-disciplinary and cross-cultural approaches. Topics to be covered may include: trends and processes of the development of Islamic culture, multi-cultural coexistence, social administration, cultural and educational institutions, science and learning, architecture and urbanism, arts, language and literature, social life and traditions, tangible and intangible Islamic heritage - their present state and issues of their preservation, sources of reference in studies relating to Islamic history in the Balkans. The congress will be an occasion to share information on developments in research, teaching and publishing in this area and thus deliberate on the problems and prospects of studies on Islamic civilisation in the Balkans and strengthening of international academic cooperation.

Designed as such, the congress is expected to contribute in promoting studies and increasing knowledge on the Balkan cultures which will at the same time underscore the regional riches and diversities of Islamic civilisation.

In the context of its research program on "Islamic Civilisation in the Balkans" IRCICA gave importance to instituting a congress on a periodical basis in order to maintain a constant forum of scholarship and cooperation. The earlier three congresses in the series were held in Sofia, Bulgaria (2000), Tirana, Albania (2003) and Bucharest, Romania (2006) respectively. The fourth congress will revive and enlarge the forum and contribute to further expand the prospects of studies in this area. The languages of the congress are English, Turkish, Macedonian and Albanian. Accommodation for the participants, outside of Macedonia, will be provided by IRCICA.

The papers will be published in a book with the aim of disseminating the new researches to be generated by the congress to interested circles worldwide.


Halit Eren, (Dr.), Director General, IRCICA

Georgi Stardelov, (Prof.  Dr.), President, MANU

 Organizing Committee

Vlado Kambovski, (Prof. Dr.), MANU

Zeynep Durukal, IRCICA

Numan Aruç, (Assoc. Prof.), MANU

Cengiz Tomar, (Dr.), IRCICA

International Advisory Board

Muhammed Arnaut, (Prof. Dr.), Al Bayt University, Jordan

Ismail Ahmedi, (Prof.Dr.), Vice-Rector, Tetovo State University-Tetovo

Evangelia Balta, (Prof. Dr.), The National Hellenic Research Foundation

Esad Bayram,Turcologist-Skopje

Feridun Emecen, (Prof. Dr.), Istanbul University

Ilhami Emin, Turcologist -Skopje

Alexander Fedotov, (Prof. Dr.), Vice-Rector, Sofia University

Dragi Gorgiev, (Prof.Dr.), Institute of National History-Skopje

Mehmet Hacısalihoğlu, (Ass. Prof.), Yıldız Technical University-Istanbul

Ahmed Hadrovic, (Prof. Dr.), Sarajevo University

Mehmet Zeki İbrahimgil, (Assoc., Prof.), Gazi University-Ankara

Adnan Ismaili, (M.A), Tetovo State University-Tetovo

Mehmet İpşirli, (Prof. Dr.), Fatih University-Istanbul

Kemal Karpat, (Prof. Dr.), Istanbul Şehir University

Ivan Katarciev (Prof.Dr.), MANU

Machiel Kiel, (Prof. Dr.), Netherlands Institute in Turkey

Lidia Kumbaraci-Bogoevic, Art Historian-Skopje

Heath Lowry, (Prof. Dr.), Princeton University

Mihai Maxim, (Prof. Dr.), University of Bucharest

Feti Mehdiu, (Prof. Dr.), University of Pristina

Ferid Muhiç, (Prof. Dr.), St. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje

Amir Pasic, (Prof. Dr.), IRCICA

Zoran Pavlov, (M.A), Cultural Heritage Protection Office-Skopje

Nizam Reşit, (M.A) Islamic Religious Community of The Republic of Macedonia-Skopje

Ali Payaziti, (Prof.Dr.), South East Europian University-Tetovo

Sevim Piliçkova, (Prof.Dr), Institute of Folklor-Skopje

Luan Starova, (Prof. Dr.), MANU

Behicuddin Şehapi, National Conservation Centre for Cultural Heritage-Skopje

Hüner Şencan, (Prof. Dr.), Rector, International Balkan University

Ahmed Şerif, (Prof. Dr.), Institute of National History-Skopje

Behija Zlater, (Dr.), The Oriental Institute in Sarajevo


Submission of abstracts: 1 May 2010

Notification of acceptance of abstracts: 1 July 2010

Submission of full paper: 15 September 2010

Abstracts of proposed papers (around 200 words) and CV should be addressed to:

IRCICA                                                                        MANU                                             

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