History of Turks

A long-term research project on the history of Turks has resulted in two reference works. The first editions of both these books were published in 1994.

Research and publication

A Short History of Turkish-Islamic States (Excluding the Ottoman State), a research work co-authored by a group of Turkish historians under the supervision of IRCICA, was published in 1994, jointly by IRCICA and Turkish Historical Society of the Ataturk Supreme Council for Culture, Language and History. The book covers the history of Muslim Turks pertaining to the following periods: Turks’ adoption of Islam, the early Muslim-Turkish dynasties, Karahanids, Gaznawids, Great Seljuk State, Seljuks of Syria, Anatolia, Iraq and Kirman, Harizmshahs, Atabegs of Azerbaijan, and Anatolian principalities, Turkish States in India, Baburid dynasty, and Turkish-Islamic States of Central Asia. The Turkish edition of this book was published at the end of 1999 by ISAR Foundation.

One of the most important results of research undertaken in this field is the two-volume work on the History of the Ottoman State and Civilisation which was published first in Turkish (first volume in 1994, second volume in 1998), then in Arabic, English and Bosnian languages.

The papers of the international congress on Learning and Education in the Ottoman World were published in 2000-2002 under the title Proceedings of the international congress on Learning and Education in the Ottoman-World (Istanbul, 12-15 April 1999). The papers presented, subsequently revised by their authors, are published in three separate volumes for Arabic, English and Turkish respectively.


An international congress on Learning and Education in the Ottoman World was organised in Istanbul on 12-15 April 1999, on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of the foundation of the Ottoman State. Under the patronage of H.E. Suleyman Demirel, President of the Republic of Turkey, the congress was organised by IRCICA with the cooperation of the Turkish Historical Society (TTK, Ankara) and the Turkish Society for History of Science (TBTK, Istanbul). The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey and the Commemoration Committee of the Seventh Centennial (chaired by one of the Ministries of State) extended their support. One hundred and seventy-five scholars and researchers from twenty-eight countries actively participated in the congress. In addition, approximately one hundred interested researchers attended the sessions.

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