2nd International Congress on Islamic Civilisation in Southern Africa, Durban, Republic of South Africa, 4-6 March 2016

2nd International Congress on Islamic Civilisation in Southern Africa, Durban, Republic of South Africa, 4-6 March 2016

Research Centre for Islamic History, Art and Culture (IRCICA), National Awqaf Foundation of South Africa (AwqafSA) and University of KwaZulu-Natal (UJ) are jointly organizing 2nd International Congress on Islamic Civilisation in Southern Africa in Durban/Republic of South Africa between 4-6 March 2016.

Islam as a religion and as a group of cultures has had a major influence in Africa since its introduction to the region. More than 60% of Africans are Muslims and numerous Muslim cultures and arts flourished in North, West, and East Africa. In some parts of Africa Islam thrived, though often under difficult circumstances, for centuries and made significant contributions in all spheres of life. Important positive geopolitical changes have taken place in the region in the last 25-35 years that are likely to impact greatly on the future of these communities.


  • To increase our knowledge of the history and heritage of Islam in Southern Africa
  • Make the religious and cultural heritage of Southern African Muslims better understood by themselves and other communities inside and outside the region;
  • Strengthen affinities and cooperation among Muslim and African nations and peoples by producing and disseminating Islamic and cultural knowledge;
  • Promote better understanding and dialogue amongst Muslim people and people of other faith and cultural communities;
  • Offer a forum for the true understanding of Islamic culture in the world.


The theme of the symposium shall be "Islamic Civilization in Southern Africa: Developments and Future Perspectives. The sessions and papers will address the following topics:

  •  Spread of Islam in Southern Africa
  •  Trade and Islam
  •  Language and Islamic Literature
  •  Islamic Education and Intellectual Development
  •  History, Contribution, and Challenges
  •  Colonialism, Apartheid & Democracy
  •  Coexistence of Cultures
  •  Arts and Crafts, Architecture, and Archaeology
  •  Future Perspectives
  • Muslim Media
  • Influential Muslim Figures
  • Establishment of Islamic financial institutions
  • Current community-state relations
  • NGOs. 
  • Muslim Community Social Investment (CSI)

Special Tracks/Papers:

  • Awqaf and its relevance in Southern Africa
  • DarusShifa - Forum 

The aforementioned will be subdivided into four thematic tracks.

Side Programs

Side programs will include:

  • Visit to former "Group Areas" Kwa Mashu, Chatsworth, Phoenix
  • Cultural programmes / Jalsah,
  • Possible exhibition and programmes for schools/ madrassahs (including documentaries).

Duration and Venue

The symposium shall be held for three days on 4-6 March 2016, at the campus of UKZN in Durban, South Africa.  


The Symposium shall be conducted in English.

The abstracts not more than 300 words should be sent to the following mail addresses till  25.12.2015: