Highlight of the Pendik 2015 International Festival for Islamic Artisans as at Work, Istanbul 4-13 September 2015

Highlight of the Pendik 2015 International Festival for Islamic Artisans as at Work, Istanbul 4-13 September 2015

This September, the Research Center for Islamic History, Art and Culture (IRCICA), Istanbul and Pendik Municipality in Turkey jointly organized the 2015 Pendik International Festival for Islamic Artisans as at work which took place in Pendik, Istanbul on 4-13 September 2015.  The Festival gathered participation of Artisans from 34 Countries who hailed from different geographical places of the World.  The festival gathered innovators and artisans in pavilions forming a traditional heritage international Craft village where they displayed their works, tools, and techniques applied in the following fields:Miniature, Sadaf Works, Pottery, Ornamentation, Tezhib, Leather and accessories, Metal repousse, Coppersmith, Carpets, Kilims, Tapestry and Felting, Wood Engraving, Handmade Suzani and Embroidery, traditional Costumes, Fashion designing, Jewelry, Batik, Painting, Mosaic, Stone handmade Products, Lacquer Works, Silk, and many more. 

The Inauguration Ceremony were opened by Dr. Kenan Sahin, Chairman of the Pendik Municipality, Dr. Halit Eren, Director General of IRCICA, Ak Parti Istanbul Milletvekili Erol Kaya, Pendik Kaymakami Osman Tunc, and many guests and Artisans of the muslim World. 

For many months of preparation, IRCICA worked very hard - sometimes days and nights to assure the selection of some of the innovators of Artisans from different regions of the Muslim World in various craft topics.  It was not easy to approach such a wonderful group of Artisans who came from various regions to display the techniques of their works.  The festival witnessed the arrival of of thousands of visitors especially during the first days who were keen to buy such wonderful pieces of handicrafts and to be more aware of the various types and works of the Artisans. 

The interaction and the exchange of friendship, techniques, designs of various artisans from different places of the Muslim world along with the interaction also made with the visitors who came from differnet places of Turkey were one of themain output of this international event.  Artisans were hailed from the following countries:

Algeria, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Daghestan (Russia Federation), Egypt, India, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Lebanon, Mauritania, Malaysia, Mali, Morocco, Sultanate of Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, South Africa, Sudan, Tajikistan, Tataristan (Russia Federation), Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uganda, Uzbekistan

The festival was organised within the IRCICA's long-term Craft Development Program which places emphasis to traditional handicrafts in the OIC Member States and tries to contribute to the revival, preservation and development of the handicrafts. 

Within the framework of this program, IRCICA had previously organized the following events, jointly with the relevant governmental bodies and institutions in various OIC Member States: 

In addition to the last year Pendik International Festival for Artisans -At-Work which took place on 20-28 September 2014, IRCICA organized the following Festivals and Congresses: 

1-    Tabriz International Festival for Arts, Crafts and Creativity; International Congress on "Innovation Dimension in Arts and Crafts"; Tabriz International Award for Innovation and Creativity in Crafts - Awards worth US$60.000, and the International Exhibition of Artisans-as at-work, Tabriz, Iran, on 8-15 May 2015: Artisans were hailed from: Algeria, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bosnia & Herzegovina, France, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Pakistan, Palestine, Senegal, South Africa, Sudan, Switzerland, Tajikistan, Tataristan, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Uganda, Uzbekistan, Kirim, and Ukraine. 

2-    Sharjah Heritage Days: Islamic Heritage as One Tent which include Folklore Music, Arts of Cooking and Handicrafts from different places of the Muslim World, Sharjah, 6-25 April, 2014: Exhibition for Innovators of Artisans from 30 different countries among the Muslim World who came with their instruments and practiced their techniques of work in-front of the visitors and the public, displaying a variety of products like: Embroidery, Weaving, Costumes, Carpets, Kilims, Sadou, Pottery, Silver Works, Metal Crafts, Engraving and Ornamentation, Leather products, Ceramic, Mosaic, Textile and etc.. 

3-    The First International Exhibition in Kuwait on Handmade Pray Carpets, 29 December 2013-9 January 2014 with participation of 12 Master Innovators specialized in handmade weaving of pray carpets from 12 different countries of the Muslim World. 

4-    International Congress on: Features, Characteristics and Cultural and Economic Contribution of Arts and Handicrafts accompanied by an Exhibition of Albums, Catalogues and Books Published in the Field of Arts and Handicrafts, Tehran and Tabriz on Sunday 5 May-Thursday 9 May 2013.  Scholars, experts and specialists of arts crafts were presented who came from the following countries: South Africa, Turkey, Egypt, Malaysia, Algeria, Bosnia, Pakistan, Mauritania, United Arab Emirates, Tajikistan, Qatar, Palestine, Tunisia, Uganda, Azerbaijan, Sudan, Yemen, Switzerland, France, Ukraine and the World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO of Geneva.  The Exhibition of the Artisans was marvelous with master pieces of miniature, ceramic, carpets and kilims, glass works, leather works, book-bindings, textiles, jewelry and silver works, metal works, and many more. 

5-    The 2012 Muscat International Festival for Arts and Crafts, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, on 03 February-01 March 2012 which attracted a number of one and a half million visitors; The Second Session of Muscat International Award for Innovation and Creativity in Crafts (Worth US$150.000); and the International Exhibition of Artisans-as at-Work, Muscat International Festival on 03 February-01 March 2012. 

6-    Muscat International Festival for Arts, Heritage and Creativity, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, on 27 January-24 February 2011 which attracted a number of one million visitors;        International Seminar on Innovation and Creativity in Arts and Crafts;   Muscat International Award for Innovation and Creativity in Crafts (Worth US$100.000); and the International Exhibition of Artisans-as at-Work, Muscat International Festival on 27 January-24 February 2011. 

7-    Doha International Handicrafts Festival, Doha, 5-9 December, 2010; International Seminar on Innovation and Creativity in Crafts; Doha International Award for Innovation and Creativity in Crafts, and the International Exhibition of Artisans-as at-Work, Doha,  

8-   International Congress on Employment of Handicrafts within the Architectural Projects and exhibitions of artisans as at work, Tunis, 27-31 October, 2008; 

9-   International Congress on Tourism and Traditional Handicrafts: Exhibition of Crafts Masterpieces from the Muslim World; Bazaar of the traditional handicrafts of the member states; Exhibitions of Islamic Artisans as at work; International Award for the craft innovators of the Muslim World, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia between 7 and 14 November 2006. 

10- International Congress on Islamic Arts and Crafts, Isfahan, October, 2002; 

11- International Seminar on Traditional Carpets and Kilims in the Muslim World: Past, Present & Future Prospects for developing this Heritage with the continuous changes in the Market, Design, Quality and Applied Techniques, Tunis, November, 1999; 

12- International Seminar on Arabesque in Traditional Crafts of OIC Countries, Damascus, 1997; 

13- International Seminar on Crafts in Traditional Architecture, Cairo, 1995; 

14- International Artisans-At-Work Festival, Islamabad; Craft Awards of the Islamic Artisans; International Seminar on Creativity in Traditional Crafts, Islamabad, 1994; 

15-  International Seminar on Prospects for the Development of Traditional Crafts in OIC Countries, Rabat, 1991. 

We believe that organizing this festival within such important initiatives shall help artisans to encourage further efforts and development that will lead to a better understanding and realization of this sector as an important promising economic one for those who would know well how to employ it in a better form.  The following Artisans took part in this Festival: 


1- Artisan Artisan Lallali Mounira, Metal repousse,

Assistant Dr. Khedidja Boukherrouba, 


2- Artisan Fakhria Nizami, Tezhib and Miniature,

Assistant: Nasima Haidari, 


3- Artisan Parvin Kazimov, Carpet Making,

Assistant: Faig Osmanov.  


4- Artisan Monira Khatun, Embroidery and Traditional Costumes,

Assistant: Rina Akter 

Bosnia & Herzegovina

5- Artisan Ismet Huseinovic,  Coppersmith,

Assistant Zineta Huseinovic. 

Daghistan, Russia Federation:

6- Artisan Gusein Gasanov, Wood working,

Assistant: Wife:Siianat Nurmagomedova 

7- ArtisanAlikhan Akhmedov, Gold and Silver Works,

Assistant: His wife: Umai Akhmedova, 


8- Artisan Tahany Nabil AbdelMonem Hassan El-Gendy, Jewelry, 


9- Artisan Niranjan Jonnalagadda, Batik,

Assistant: Samuel Nannepaga, 


10- Artisan Laila Al Khusna Rahardjo, Batik,

Assistant: Diajeng Larasati Sekar Arum  

11- Artisan AAN IBRAHIM, Fashion Designer,

Assistant: Agus Suprayoga SIGID 


12- Artisan Parastoo Haddadi, Miniature,

Assistant Peyman Zandi, 

13- Artisan Mitra Razavi, Carpet Making,

Assistant: Ahdiyeh Delavariparizi, 

14- Artisan Fahimeh Nikooiefard, Painting and Miniature,

Assistant: Samira Nader, 


15- Artisan Jamal AlDeen Mohammad Deeb Al-Akhras, Mosaic,

Assistant Artisan Tariq Shahrour, 


16- Artisan Madina AKHMETOVA, Textiles Weaving, Tapestry and Felting,

Assistant: her Husband: Artisan Berik Beisbekov 

17- Artisan Bolat Atraubayev, Jewelry,

Assistant: his sister: Galiya Iztleuova 


18- Artisan Zhyparkul Zhunusova, Fashion Designer,

Assistant: Artisan Zhanara Chyngyshova, 


19- Artisan Ghaleb Ghaleb, Copper Works and Jewelry,

Assistant: Daughter: Cherine Ghaleb, 


20- Artisan Vatimetou Nedhir, Stone handmade products,

Assistant Artisan Hajetna Mohamed El Ghoulam, 


21- Artisan Aziz Bin MA AS, Batik,

Assistant: Daughter: Liyana Binti Aziz.


22- Artisan Assetou Gologo, Jewelry,

Assistant Mounique Maimouna Coulibaly, 


23- Artisan Mohammed BelFakih, Wood Works,

Assistant: Wife: Firdaous Idir. 

24- Artisan Houria Idir, Embroidery and Costumes,

Assistant: Majda Idir. 

Sultanate of Oman:

25- Artisan Khalid Said Salim, Wood Works,

Assistant: Gaith Eid Said. 

26- Artisan Talal Hamood Sultan Al-Bulushi, Silver Works,

Assistant: Issa Saleh Mohd Bacho Al Sabbagh, 


27- Artisan Naeem Shazad, Lacquer Works,

Artisan Malik Muhammad Abdul Rehman Naqqash, Naqshi Works, 

28- Artisan Imran Haider, Miniature Painting,

Assistant: Muhammad Shahid. 


29- Artisan Rasha H. Y. Bayatena, Embroidery,

Assistant Reem A. M. Rezeq. 

30- Artisan Fahid Mohammad Fahid Shuaibat, Sadaf Works,

Assistant - Son: Mohammad Mamduh Fahid Shuaibat. 

Saudi Arabia,

31- Artisan Abu Laban, Yousef Yahya S, Pottery,

Assistant Saqer, Sana Hassan H, 


32- Artisan Oumy BA, Costumes,

Assistant: Artisan Omar Guye, Leather Handmade Products, 

South Africa:

33- Artisan Tasneem Chilwan-Soni, Ornamentation,

Assistant: Husband Artisan: Shaheen Soni, Painting, 


34- Artisan Maaza Basher Abukasawi ElNour,  Jewelry,

Assistant: Darelsalm Hassan Hagabdalla Mohamed 

35- Artisan Mona Abdallah Atitallah, Leather and Accessories,

Assistant: Samah Salih Araki Salih 


36- Artisan Gulrukhsor Umarova, Miniature,

Assistant: Khabiba Fayzibaeva. 


37- Artisan Airat Shamsutdinov, Jewelry,

Assistant: Wife: Alfiia Shamsutdinova, 


38- Artisan Fadoua Dimassi, Costumes and Fashion Designer,

Assistant: Mouna Kraiem Ep Kooli. 

39- Artisan Najet Salem, Carpet Making,

Assistant (Husband) Ezzeddine Ayari, 


40- Artisan Leyli Haidova,  Costumes and Carpet,

Assistant: Gurbanbibi Gylyjova, 


41- Artisan Asha Famao, Textiles Weaving,

Assistant: Fatuma Aman Asiimwe Famao 


42- Artisan Mamajan Radjapova, Carpet Making,

Assistant: Husband: Abdulla Radjapov. 

43- Artisan Artisan Rikhsiev Shamsutdin Anvarovich, Miniature,

Assistant: Father: Artisan Shamsitdin Rikhsiev. 

44- Artisan Nargiza Sherkhodjaeva, Suzani and Embroidery,

Assistant: Husband: Ilkham Davletov. 

45- Artisan Mirsaid Nigmatov,  Wood Work,

Assistant: Mother: Saodat Nigmatova.