Muscat International Festival for Arts, Heritage and Creativity

Muscat International Festival for Arts, Heritage and Creativity

IRCICA and Muscat Municipality jointly organized this year the second session of the Muscat International Festival for Arts and Crafts on 3 February – 01 March 2012 in Muscat. The Festival were accompanied by "Muscat International Award for Innovation and Creativity in the Crafts" (worth US$100,000); and the International Exhibition of Artisans-as at-work.

The festival aimed at gathering all the innovators and craftspeople in this field in pavilions forming a craft village where they will displayed their works, their tools and the techniques used in their workshops; on this occasion, Among the organized activities:


  • Exhibitions of Artisans-at-work
  • Arts and crafts market (Bazaar)
  • Program of Activities
  • Folkloric Parade under the Slogan "Revival and Protection of Traditional Heritage"


The festival was opened on 07 February 2012 with a folkloric parade in the main courtyard of the Festival at Al Qurm Park in the city of Muscat. Folkloric groups presented their show during this parade with fireworks to celebrate this occasion, and to raise awareness of the importance of artisans, and revival and protection of the traditional heritage.

Inauguration Ceremony: H.E. Engineer Sultan Al Harithy, Chairman, Muscat Municipality, H. E. Dr. Halit Eren, Director General, IRCICA and Dr. Nezih Maruf, International Coordinator of the Muscat International Festival for Handicrafts and Head, Crafts Development, IRCICA, Istanbul Live Presentations of Artisans-as at-Work Artisans from 32 various countries among the globe displayed their tools, skills and techniques in the fields of arts and handicrafts in special pavilions. Participants and visitors of the exhibition enjoyed the opportunity to get acquainted with this rich heritage, to met artisans and inquire about their works, and to acquire some of these pieces for those who are interested in handicrafts; as a result, this will contribute in increasing public awareness of this important field. It is expected that one million visitor will be visiting the stands of the artisans. Participating Countries:

1- Algeria, 2- Azerbaijan, 3- Bangladesh, 4- Bosnia & Herzegovina, 5- Brunei Darussalam, 6- Cameroon, 7- Daghistan, 8- Egypt, 9- Iran, 10- Jordan, 11- Kazakhstan, 12- Kyrgyzstan, 13- Libya, 14- Malaysia, 15- Mali, 16- Mauritania, 17- Morocco, 18- Pakistan, 19- Palestine, 20- Russia, 21- Senegal, 22-Spain, 23- Sudan, 24- Tataristan, 25- Tunisia, 26- Turkey, 27- Turkmenistan, 28- Uganda, 29- Ukraine, 30- Uzbekistan, 31- The Hosting Country Sultanate of Oman, and 32- Yemen

Arts and Crafts Market (Bazaar)

This Bazaar was organised in the form of a craft village where craft products and pieces from different countries are offered for sale. Visitors and tourist delegations enjoyed the facility of discovering the diversity of handicrafts such as sewing and embroidery; traditional costumes; carpets and rugs; decorating, Qur’an binding and gilding; marbled paper; architecture; mushrabiya; stucco colored glass; pottery and ceramics; silver and metal crafts; and engraving that reflect the high level of cultural heritage which were developed through the ages.

The essential objective of the bazaar was to present to the visitors the characteristics of the traditional handicrafts in these countries, so as to attract more visitors, and even approach international institutions working in the field of design, architecture and heritage.