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القدس الشريف في دفاتر المهمة

Prepared for publication by Murat Uluskan, Yuksel Çelik, Davut Hut; Editor: Halit Eren, Istanbul, 2017; 263+13 p.
(Arabic Translation: Najat Khalil; English Translation: Sadık Unay)

Within the framework of a long-term research project on the history of Al-Quds, IRCICA produces a series of studies based on Ottoman official archive documents. Of particular importance are the Ottoman State’s Muhimme Registers, where the decisions of the Ottoman Council of Ministers were recorded. Thus the registers contain information concerning the social, economic, cultural and architectural history and heritage of al-Quds. The publication contains reproductions of the originals, transcriptions, and English, Arabic and Turkish summaries of each document in the Muhimme Registers. The series started with publication of documents dating from the 16th century. It will continue with studies on documents dating from subsequent periods.