IRCICA & Al-Turath Partnership for Preservation of Architectural Heritage

IRCICA and Al-Turath Foundation, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ( are jointly organizing the international training program on architectural preservation entitled “Islamic Urban Heritage. Research, Preservation, Management”. The program is conducted since 2011 in the form of short-term schools of approximately one month duration each, organized biannually as Spring Schools and Summer Schools.
The programs include lectures, studio works and study visits to locations of architectural heritage sites and monuments. They are designed for graduate and undergraduate students and professionals educated in architecture, urban planning, archaeology, art history, history, civil engineering or project management.
Regional and local institutions, particularly architectural faculties cooperate with the organizers. Trainees participate in these programs from all over the world.

13 school programs were carried out until the end of 2017, travelling to heritage cities and sites in the following countries/regions:
– Summer school, 2011, in Turkey
– Summer school, 2012, in Turkey
– Winter school, 2012, in Saudi Arabia
– Spring school, 2013, in Saudi Arabia
– Summer school, 2013, in Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria
– Spring school, 2014, in Saudi Arabia
– Summer school, 2014, in Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina
– Spring school, 2015 in Saudi Arabia
– Summer school, 2015 in Bosnia and Herzegovina
– Spring school, 2016 in Saudi Arabia
– Summer school, 2016 in Morocco
– Spring school, 2017 in Saudi Arabia
– Summer school, 2017 in Uzbekistan

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