Islamic civilisation and inter-cultural relations

IRCICA gives importance to activities that help in projecting a correct image of the Islamic civilisation throughout the world and those that contribute to promoting dialogue between peoples of different cultures. A book published by IRCICA in 1999, entitled The West and Islam: Towards A Dialogue comprises the texts of lectures given by specialists from within and outside the Muslim world and organised by IRCICA, all on themes related to relations between the Muslim world and the Western world. In addition to pinpointing the key elements of inter-cultural dialogue, the book reviews IRCICA’s activities aiming at fostering understanding between peoples, cultures and civilisations. The book has been translated and published in the Bosnian and the Russian languages as well.

The Centre organises and actively participates in scholarly meetings relating to relations between cultures of the world and promotion of a better understanding among them. On 17-19 January 2004 the Centre organised, under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohamed Al-Qassimi, UAE Supreme Council Member and Emir of Sharjah, the international congress on ‘Cultural Contacts in Building A Universal Civilisation: The Role of Islamic Contributions’ which benefited from the contributions of authoritative scholars and specialists from around the world dealing with the exchanges between Islam and other major civilisations throughout history and the influences of Islam in the fields of philosophy -humanities, sciences and arts, followed with a discussion and analysis of the implications of these exchanges for international relations in the present and the future. Proceedings of the abovementioned international congress were published under the title Cultural Contacts in Building a Universal Civilisation: Islamic Contributions in 2005.

OIC-EU Joint Forum on ‘Civilisation and Harmony: The Political Dimension,’ Istanbul,12-13 February 2002.

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