Resolution no. 13/20-C

The Twentieth Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers (Session of Just and Durable Peace Through Dialogue and Cooperation among Member States and Respect for International Legitimacy), held in Istanbul, Republic of Turkey, from 24-28 Muharram 1412 H. (4-8 August 1991),

  1. Congratulates the Centre on the occasion of its Tenth Anniversary and for its success in the realisation of its assigned objectives, and expresses thanks to all member countries and all organisations which actively participated in the celebration of the Centre's Tenth Anniversary.
  2. Commends the efforts of the Centre reflected in its pioneering accomplishments.
  3. Approves the report on the activities and plan of action of the Centre.
  4. Expresses its gratitude and appreciation to the host country, Republic of Turkey, for the financial, material and moral support it has constantly extended to the Centre thus enabling it to carry out its functions in a satisfactory manner.
  5. Recommends the Member States to pay their contributions to the budget of the Centre on a regular basis and settle their arrears so that the Centre can implement its current and future plans of action.
  6. Calls upon Member States, Islamic institutions and personalities to extend moral, financial and material assistance to the waqf established by the Centre to ensure the continuity and efficiency of its activities and conveys its thanks to the Governments of Turkey, Kuwait and Qatar for their contributions to this waqf.