Resolution no. 5/12-C

The Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers, at its Twelfth Ordinary Session, in Baghdad, Republic of Iraq, from 28 Rajab to 4 Shaban 1401 H. (1-6 June 1981),

Recalling the relevant resolution of the Ninth Islamic Conference, which approved the statute of the Research Centre on Islamic History, Art and Culture, having considered Article III, paragraph 1 (b) of the aforementioned statute, decides:

  1. To amend Article III, 1 (b) on the constitution of the Governing Council to read as follows:
    "(b) The Council shall be composed of ten members, including historians, scholars and writers, to be appointed by the Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers upon the proposal of the Secretary General, for three years, and on the basis of geographical distribution. The Council shall also include the Director of the Centre and a representative of the Secretary General."
    and to delete the rest of the paragraph.
  2. To approve the proposal of the Secretary General to compose an administrative council for the Centre of the following members:
  3. Dr. Ahmad Abdul Sattar Al-Jawari, a renowned scholar, Republic of Iraq;
    Raja Fuziah Bte. Raja Tun Uda, Malaysia;
    Dr. Mahmoud Zouber, Director of Ahmad Baba Islamic Centre in Timbuctu, Republic of Mali;
    Dr. Mohamed Sijelmassi, a renowned scholar and expert in Islamic arts, Kingdom of Morocco;
    Dr. Sami Angawi, Director of the Haj Research Centre at King Abdul Aziz University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia;
    Mr. Afif Bahnassi, Director of Museums and Archaeology, Syrian Arab Republic;
    Mr. Salah Al-Mahdi, scholar and Director of the National Cultural Committee, Republic of Tunisia;
    Dr. Emin Bilgic, Professor, faculty of Languages, History and Geography, Ankara University, Republic of Turkey;
    A member from the Islamic Republic of Iran to be selected at a later date;
    Engineer Abdul Qader Hamza Koshak, Secretary General of the Organisation of Islamic Capitals and Cities.
  4. To request the General Secretariat to refer the proposed action plan for the Centre to the administrative council for consideration at its next meeting;
  5. To express thanks to the Turkish Government for signing the agreement establishing the Centre in Istanbul.