Studies on Arab-Turkish relations

Studies on Arab-Turkish Relations constitute a particular area of study for the Centre within the framework of the project on the history of Muslim nations. Research in this area resulted in a two-volume work titled Arab-Turkish Relations, which was published jointly by IRCICA and the Institute of Arab Research and Studies affiliated to ALECSO. The book reflects the views of Arab and Turkish historians on various aspects of the bilateral and multilateral relations between Turks and Arabs from a historical perspective. The articles by Arab historians are collected in the first volume and were edited by Prof. Mohammed Safiuddin Abu’l-Izz, and the articles by Turkish historians, in the second volume, were edited by Prof. Dr. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu. The first volume of the Arabic edition was published in 1991 and the second volume in 1993. Turkish edition of the work was published in 2000.

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