The themes of the working sessions


The themes of the working sessions were as follows: "historical, philosophical and cultural aspects of Muslim heritage in Volga-Ural region"; "Muslim enlightenment, reformation and Djadidism in Volga-Ural region"; "the question of relations between Islam and Christianity in the past and present"; "Islam in the new millennium, problems and perspectives". The paper presentations were followed by discussions. The papers, published later in the form of a book entitled Proceedings of the International Symposium on "Islamic Civilisation in Volga-Ural Region, are listed below.

Session I: Historical, Philosophical and Cultural Aspects of Muslim Heritage in Volga-Ural Region
Chairmen: Mansur Khasanov, Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu

Mansur Khasanov, Muslim Heritage in Volga-Ural Region

Devin Deweese, Problems of Islamisation in the Volga-Ural Region: Traditions about Berke Khan

Michael Kemper, The History of Sufism in Volga-Ural Region

İsenbike Togan, Second Wave of Islamization of Turkic Nation and Özbek Khan

Frederick de Jong, The Transmission of Islamic Learning between Egypt and the Volga-Ural Region

Hayrani Altıntaş, Ottoman Ulema in Tatar Religious Thought

Session II: Muslim Enlightenment, Reformation and Djadidism in Volga-Ural Region
Chairmen: Nadir Devlet, Dimitri Vasiliev

Nadir Devlet, Djadidi Movement and the Islamic Educational Institutions in Volga-Ural Region

Raphic Mouhametshin, Djadidism in the Middle Volga Region: Dissemination and Forms of Display

İbrahim Maraş, Sources of the Djadidi Movement and the Problems of Tatar Religious Renaissance

Azade-Ayşe Rorlich, Ijtihad and the Press of the Volga-Ural Muslims in 1908-1917

İsmail Türkoğlu, The Contributions of Yusuf Akçura to the Djadidism Movement among the Idil-Ural Tatars

Dimitri Vasiliev, Formation of State System and Islamization of Early Medieval among the Idil-Ural Tatars

Ali Arslan, The Influence of Tatar New Methodological Education on Turkey

Ahmet Kanlıdere, The Tatar Religious Reform Movement in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries

Danil Azamatov, Waqfs in the European Part of Russia and Siberia in the Beginning of the 20th Century

Hakan Kırımlı, The 1921-1922 Starvation in the Idil-Ural Region and the Aid from Turkey

Session III: The Problem of Relations between Islam and Christianity in the Past and Present
Chairman: Raphael Khakimov

Sergey Kapitsa, Dialogue of Civilizations: Modern Dimension

Paul Werth, Some Thoughts on Islam and Religious Toleration in Russia, a Comparative Perspective

Khaled Akasheh, The Problem of Relations between Islam and Christianity in the Past and Present

Archbishop Anastasy, Orthodoxy and Islam in Tatarstan: the Experience of Interaction

Damir Iskhakov, Some Aspects of Islamisation of Eastern Groups of Tatars (Ural Region, West Siberia)

Rozalinda Musina, Islam in the Context of Ethno-Religious Relations: Contemporary Situation

Efim Rezvan, Kazan Korans: Insufficiently Explored Pages of the History

Grigory Kosach, Orenburg Region: Political Aspect of Christian-Muslim Frontier

Ildus Zagidullin, Czarism and Muslim Question in Volga-Ural Region in the Second Half of the 19th Century

Diliara Usmanova, Restrictive Regulations in Russian Law and the Muslims of Volga-Ural Region (the Early 20th Century)

Nikandr Popov, The Influence of Islam on the Traditional Belief of Mari

Rafik Usmanov, Modern Tendencies in International Relations in Volga Region

Session IV: Islam in New Millennium: Problems and Perspectives
Chairmen: Mansur Khasanov, Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu

Raphael Khakimov, Euro-Islam in the Inter-civilisational Relations

Shireen Hunter, Globalisation and the Islamic World: Challenges and Opportunities

Renat Nabiev, Inter-Religious Relations in Tatarstan

Aislu Yunusova, Revival of Islam in Russia: Myths and Reality

Stanislav Prozorov, A New Methodological Approach to Islamic Studies in Russia

Oktay Aslanapa, The Role of Kazan Scientists in the Formation of the Educational System of Republican Turkey

Anas Khalidov, The Problems of Tatar Translation of Koran

Ahmet Taşağıl, The Beginning of the Spreading of Islam in Volga-Ural Region

Guzel Saifullina, Muslim Culture in Volga-Ural Region on the Junction of the 20th-21st Centuries

Concluding remarks of the President of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan Mansur Khasanov and IRCICA Director General Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu