Translations of the Holy Qur'an

One of the main research projects which were set out by IRCICA, from the time of its establishment, is aimed at assessing the translations of the Holy Quran in all the languages of the world and publishing their catalogues. The objective of the project is to study and depict the diffusion of the text of the Holy Quran throughout the world according to languages, geographical distribution and frequency of publications, and to publish bibliographies which would serve as essential references for research.

The project was included in the very first work program of IRCICA, and the research work started immediately after its adoption. The first stage of the project consisted of the preparation of a bibliography of translations of the Holy Quran which were published with the invention of printing techniques in 1515 until the present time. The project was conducted by Ismet Binark, a leading specialist in bibliography, jointly with Halit Eren, head of IRCICA Library, under the Director General’s supervision. Mr. Binark resigned from his post after the publication of this bibliography and was later appointed Director of the State Archives of the Turkish Prime Ministry. The project expanded steadily to cover manuscript and oral translations in addition to printed translations. It is carried out in three simultaneous stages.

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