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  • First book of IRCICA Reports on extremism series "Anti-Muslim Extremism in Europe" is published by IRCICA

    This report looks at the current spread of anti-Muslim extremism in Europe. It defines anti-Muslim extremism as a social and political world-view that targets Muslim minorities in specific and Europe’s multicultural and diverse societies together with its democratic foundations in general. After providing a definition of anti-Muslim extremism, it shows how anti-Muslim extremist movements are cooperating within Europe, as well as beyond, on a global scale. It looks at actors and discourses; and how discourses are made hegemonic and transferred from the margins and fringe extremist groups to the wider public sphere. The analysis shows the effects of these discourses on the violation of human rights and Muslim citizens by banning certain Muslim religious practices, violating freedom of religion, attacking mosques and violating the freedom of personality by attacking Muslim women. This report reveals how anti-Muslim extremism is organized within a small minority of far right groups and slowly became the “new normal” in most of Europe’s societies. ›› more