Imam Bukhari International Scientific-Research Center, Samarkand, and IRCICA launched their joint project titled “Central Asia – The Center of Islamic Culture and Art” with the lecture of Prof. Ashirbek Muminov from IRCICA


Imam Bukhari International Scientific-Research Center (Samarkand, Uzbekistan) and IRCICA have launched a joint project of online seminars titled “Central Asia – The Center of Islamic Culture and Art”, aimed at sharing the experiences of the two institutions and others working on research in the fields of Islamic history, culture, written sources, monuments, and scientific heritage of the peoples of Central Asia. The seminars will be conducted at least once a month with the participation of professors, researchers, and specialists from international scholarly circles. Their proceedings will be published. The first seminar was given by Professor Ashirbek Muminov from IRCICA on 29 April 2024 with his comprehensive lecture under the title “Continuity of Traditions in the Scientific Centers of Central Asia: Periods of Crises and Interruptions.”

Professor Ashirbek Muminov obtained his Ph.D. (1991) from the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, Saint-Petersburg. Currently he is Consultant to the Director General of IRCICA on Central Asian studies. He extensively published monographs, catalogues of Islamic manuscripts, and articles on Islamic culture in Central Asia, including “Hanafi Madhhab in the History of Central Asia” (Almaty, 2015), “Saduaqas Ghїlmani. Biographies of the Islamic Scholars of Our Times” (with Allen Frank and Aytzhan Nurmanova; Istanbul, 2018), “Epitaphs of the Muslim Scholars in Samarkand (4th–8th/10th–14th Centuries)” (with Bakhtiyar Babadjanov, Lola Dodkhudoeva and Ulrich Rudolph, Istanbul, 2019) among others.

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