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IRCICA is an intergovernmental organization that aims to underscore the cultures, history of thought, arts, and cultural heritage of the Islamic world within the framework of international cooperation for development. This mission was born more than forty years ago, through the OIC Member States’ endeavor to strengthen solidarity amongst themselves on the basis of their shared histories and common cultures. IRCICA was assigned to contribute towards this objective by instituting the necessary grounds and channels and supplying the information and references to enhance cultural cooperation on this basis. Today, IRCICA’s mission is even more significant, since culture acquired more importance as a soft power that connects peoples of the world. Through this relationship, common references by peoples of different cultures to the sources of faith and knowledge help to cement international solidarity; joint international efforts in various arts and sciences help to reinforce intercultural harmony. In this environment, IRCICA assumes a crucial role as a focal point and catalyst for cultural interactions. To fulfil this role in the best possible way, the Centre is revising its guidelines for the upcoming period.

It plans to:

  • expand the scope of its studies on the works of philosophy and science and the institutions of learning which represent the history of Islamic scholarship in different regions of the Muslim world;
  • enlarge the geographical scope of these studies to cover the cultural heritage of the Muslim communities situated outside the OIC Member States;
  • organize interactive events such as panels, competitions and training programs in the different branches and fields of arts and architectural and cultural heritage;
  • follow methodological and informational advancements taking place in the world in the fields of its mandate and facilitate awareness about them in its Member States;
  • widen its cooperation with academic and artistic institutions, international and regional organizations interested in Islamic studies, arts, and culture all over the world,

among others.

IRCICA’s revised website is intended to reflect this expanding vision of its mission along with its past achievements. We thank the website’s visitors for their interest in IRCICA’s activities.

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