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Within the OIC system, IRCICA is the subsidiary organ entrusted with the study and preservation of the cultural heritage of the Islamic world. In this context, IRCICA has the objective to reinforce the concept of cultural heritage in the Islamic world, record descriptive information on the assets of cultural heritage, including fixed assets related to archaeology, cities and architectural monuments; movable – tangible and intangible – assets of the written heritage including historical manuscripts and archival documents, artworks, audio-visual materials, museum items and generally all intellectual, spiritual and artistic products and forms of expression of Islamic culture located around the world. IRCICA’s activities relating to cultural heritage involve theoretical and practical work: research projects, conferences and workshops, on-site surveys, training programs and technical assistance on restoration and conservation of cultural heritage.

  • Islamic cultural heritage in Al-Quds and Palestine: The aim is to highlight and help to preserve this heritage. The activities include international conferences aiming to strengthen public awareness and international cooperation for the preservation of this heritage. An integrated program of workshops and field missions was implemented during 2006-2015;
  • Prince Sultan bin Salman Islamic Architectural Heritage Database sponsored by H.R.H. Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud, Chairman and Founder of Al-Turath Islamic Heritage Foundation, was launched in 2008. It is maintained and managed by IRCICA. Official information provided by the OIC Member States on their sites, urban structures and architectural monuments is recorded in the database;
  • Training programs: short-term (one-month) architectural schools focused on preservation and management of Islamic architectural heritage, for young professionals and graduate students from the Member States;
  • Promotion of studies and international cooperation for the restoration and preservation of Islamic architectural, intellectual and archaeological heritage threatened, damaged or destroyed in conflict areas. The regions of focus include Syria, Iraq, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Azerbaijan’s Karabagh region liberated in 2020, Yemen, Libya, Mali among others;
  • Study and preservation of historical manuscripts, works of art, archaeological and other inscriptions representing the written cultural heritage of the OIC Member States;
  • Training programs on the restoration and conservation of old books and archive documents, for trainees from the Member States;
  • Promotion of research, education and international cooperation for the study, restoration and preservation of tangible and intangible Islamic cultural heritage around the world. Various activities, including conferences, publications, exhibitions are organized in cooperation with the OIC General Secretariat, the OIC Member States, and/or international organizations.

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