Prof.Dr. Zeynep Gül Ünal’s lecture on “Hybrid Threats and Protection of Cultural Heritage”


For the second lecture in its monthly “Heritage Talks”, IRCICA hosted Prof. Dr. Zeynep Gül Ünal from the Faculty of Architecture, Yıldız Technical University and Director, YTÜ Center for Preservation of Historical Heritage. The lecture took place on 26 December 2022 in IRCICA’s hall, in-person and online. Under the title “Hybrid Threats and Protection of Cultural Heritage”, Prof. Ünal described the increasing variety of threats facing cultural heritage in conflict zones due to the diversity of technological weapons and outlined the efforts to cover those risks within the framework of international conventions. She pointed out that everywhere in the world and particularly in the Muslim world, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mali, Syria and Yemen, attacks on cultural heritage properties are aimed at weakening peoples’ cultural identity indicators and breaking their solidarity in protecting cultural heritage properties. Prof. Ünal is the Vice-President of ICOMOS – International Council on Monuments and Sites, and works on the preservation of cultural heritage, information technologies, risk management against natural disasters and new generation warfare.

IRCICA’s “Heritage Talks” program hosts leading specialists of cultural heritage for lectures on current issues, to promote information exchange on the activities of international organizations and academic circles.

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