Islamic Civilization & Muslim Nations

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The main objectives of this program are to produce research and reference works and promote academic studies around the world on the history of Islamic civilization, the cultural history and heritage of the different regions of the Islamic world, their cultural interactions with other peoples within and outside the Islamic world. The program is implemented through research projects, conferences, training programs, documentary exhibitions, etc. organized in cooperation with the Member States, their universities and cultural institutions, and international organizations.

  • The History of Islamic Civilization in different regions: the theme is covered through conferences and joint research projects conducted in cooperation with the governmental and academic institutions of the Member States. Conferences were organized with focuses on the following regions starting from 1989, the regions being delineated as: Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, Caucasia, Volga-Ural region, the Middle East, North Africa and the Mediterranean, Southeast Europe and the Balkans, West Africa, East Africa, Central Africa, Southern Africa;
  • The History of Islamic Science, Philosophy and Scholarship: conferences are organized on prominent scholars, scientists and philosophers of the Islamic world or with regional focuses as above;
  • The History and Heritage of Cultural Interactions Between the Islamic World and Other Cultures: international research programs and conferences have been conducted, highlighting the exchanges having taken place in all fields of science and culture between the Islamic world and China, Korea, Europe and various regions of Russia;
  • The Waqf institution in the Islamic world: various research, conferences and publications of the Centre aim to highlight the role of waqfs in the history of the Member States in general, and with regard to the waqfs established by women of the Islamic world representing their contribution to social development.

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