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Ya Rasulallah,
If only words can truly express
My emotions and affection
The very mention of you,
Catches my attention

Ya Rasulallah,
Your name…
Brings tears to the eyes
Of warmth and longing
Sending heartbeats racing

Ya Rasulallah,
Oh how does this sinful servant even deserve
To behold your grace and observe
The Epitome of perfection
Among The Almighty’s creations

Yet deep down I am certain
That you do answer our salutations
Albeit hailing from hearts full of distractions…
For your Ummah, you have always shown compassion

Ya Rasulallah,
We hope to bring smiles to your beautiful
Through Prophetic traditions
Revived through our actions,
Hearts striving towards purification

Ya Rasulallah,
Truly, we need your intercession
Indeed, in knowing, loving and following

Lies our salvation.


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يا رسول الله،
بمحبتك، أجلس هنا بنفس
أفكر عنك وأترك فراش
أشتاق إليك ولا أدري
كيف أدعي المحبة وأهجر سنة حبيبي

يا رسول الله،
كم أشتاق لرؤيتك
لجمال وجهك ونور أسنانك
فأطير من الفرح بإبتسامتك
وأتمتع يا نبيي بصحبتك
يا رسول الله،
هل تعرفني هذه الفقيرة
المذنبة وقلبها مريضة
تعجزها عن قربتك المرجوة
فإن جئتها، فذلك من عندك رحمة.

يا رسول ألله،
سيرتك الجميلة قرأتها
كم مرات تدمعت عيناي تأثرا بها
كل صعوبة ومشقة وأجهتَها
لأجلنا أمتك ومحبتك لها

يا رسول الله،
جزاك الله خير الجزاء جئتنا بالقرآن
تواصل قلوبنا وأرواحنا بالرحمن
تبيّن لنا حقيقة الدنيا وأحوال الإنسان
تفرّق لنا الحق من الباطل فلذلك سُمي بالفرقان

يا رسول الله،
جاءنا عن الصحابة حديثك المنوّر
يقودنا في الحياة فنتبع الأثر
كلامك صحيح وفصيح معناه معتبر
لا تتقيد بالزمان فنعمل به طوال الدهر

يا رسول الله،
شهر الربيع تظل آخره
ووقتي بتريم يقرب ختامه
وقد أثقل عليّ التحمل بما أخذته
وإن لم يرض عني رسولي فلا معنى بعلم جمعته

يا رسول الله،
والرجاء فيما علّمتَنا عن رحمة ربنا
فلكل صلاة نصليها عليك، فعشر لنا
وشفاعتك العظمى لأهل الكبائر منا
وبالمحبة وجبت الصحبة مع حبيبنا

يا رسول الله،
فنسأل ربنا أن يصلي عليك
صلاة بقدر محبته تعالى لك
وبهذه الصلوات من رب محبيك
نسأل ربنا برحمته أن يجمعنا معك


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O Rasulallah…
Only by the love of you, here I sit by myself with thoughts in my head,
Thoughts of you, that have compelled me to abandon my bed,
I yearn for you, and I miss you, yet I really do not know,
How I could possibly claim love, when your sunnah I don’t follow.

O Rasulallah
Oh, how I yearn to gaze at your beautiful light,
Your glowing face, and teeth shining bright,
Oh, how I will soar out of sheer joy by just seeing your smile,
And how I will savour your company, every moment of it, even for a while.

O Rasulallah..
Do you recognise me, this one impoverished?
This sinner, whose heart is terribly diseased,
Causing her to be blocked from you in sweet closeness,
But if you come to her, that that is purely from your merciful kindness.

O Rasulallah..
I keep reading your biography, O how amazing, my beloved prophet,
No matter how many times, it never fails to make me weep deeply affected,
Seeing every difficulty, burden and hardship that you faced just to convey,
This message, for our sake, your nation who will come before the last day.

O Rasulallah..
May Allah reward you the greatest of rewards for bringing us the Qur’an
Miraculous verses connecting our hearts and souls to Ar-Rahmaan,
Making it clear for us the reality of this world and the nature of Man,
Distinguishing truth from falsehood, which is why it is called the Criterion.

O Rasulallah..
Your companions have brought us your illuminated hadith,
That guide us in life, paving a way for those who follow and believe,
Your words are true, their meanings impactful, hence profoundly eloquent
Not limited by time nor place, allowing us to act on them at every moment.

O Rasulallah..
The month of Rabi-ul-awal is departing soon,
And my time here in Tareem is like a waning moon,
It is weighing heavily on me, the responsibility of knowledge I’ve taken,
For if my Prophet is not pleased with me, there is no meaning in what I have learnt.

O Rasulallah..
But our hope is in what you have taught us about the mercy of God,
With a single salutation to you, He grants us ten of its like in reward,
And of your great intercession for the great sinners amongst us, we’ve heard
And by love… by Love, eternal companionship between the lover and the beloved

O Rasulullah..
As such, we ask Our Lord to send salutations onto you,
Salutations as great as His love for only His Love is True,
And by these salutations from the Lord of hearts that love,
We ask Him to gather us by His mercy in the great heavens above



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