Resolution of the Fifth Islamic Summit Conference

The Fifth Islamic Summit Conference held in Kuwait, from 26-29 Jumad Awal 1407 H. (26-29 January 1987),

  1. Approves the report submitted by the Centre including the work program for the year 1986-87.
  2. Expresses its gratitude to the Government of Turkey for the allocation of Yaveran building to the Centre and the support given during the restoration, by the Turkish Government, as well as the institutions and philanthropists who made the restoration possible with their voluntary contributions.
  3. Calls upon the Member States, institutions and philanthropists from the Muslim world to continue to support the Centre in furnishing and equipping the newly restored building according to the needs and requirements of the Centre.
  4. Expresses its appreciation for the efforts of the Centre as represented by its successful achievements and work.
  5. Requests the Member States to pay their contributions regularly in order to enable the Centre to carry out its work program in a more effective manner.