“Imperial Policies in Al-Quds. Public Space and Social Identity (1871-1948)” Workshop

organized by IRCICA and Pamukkale University


IRCICA collaborated with the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (İTBF), Pamukkale University (PAÜ), Denizli, to organize the workshop on “Imperial Policies in Al-Quds. Public Space and Social Identity (1871-1948)” which was held on the University’s campus on 18-19 April 2024. The opening ceremony was addressed by the Dean of the Faculty Prof. Dr. Yasemin Beyazıt, the Rector of PAÜ Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kutluhan, the Head of the Executive Board of Al-Quds University Mr. Yasir Yanılmaz, and the Head of Research and Publications of IRCICA Prof. Dr. Cengiz Tomar. An exhibition of historical photographs of Al-Quds from IRCICA’s archive and from the private collection of ECO Assistant Secretary General and former Turkish Consul General in Al-Quds Ambassador Dr. Hüseyin Avni Bıçaklı was opened to visits. In her address, Dean Yasemin Beyazıt said that everybody, whatever his or her faith, must endeavor so that Al-Quds and Palestine live in peace. She thanked IRCICA and its representative Prof. Cengiz Tomar for their support to studies in this field and their high-quality publications. As to Rector Ahmet Kutluhan, he underlined that given the current problematic situations, it is important to diffuse sound, in depth information about Al-Quds and Palestine to correct commonplace knowledge. Prof. Dr. Cengiz Tomar, Head of Research and Publications, IRCICA, said that the Centre cooperates with researchers working on Al-Quds and Palestine and tries to strengthen awareness around the world on the subject by way of publications and exhibitions.

A list of the papers presented during the workshop follows, for the information of those interested: Prof. Dr. Zekeriya Kurşun (Dean of Letters, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Waqf University), Expropriation as a method of colonization in Palestine; Prof. Dr. Cengiz Tomar (IRCICA, Head of Research and Publications), Settlement and Occupation in Palestine; Assoc. Prof. Eldar Hasanoğlu (Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli University, Dept. of Philosophy and Religious Sciences), Theological arguments of anti-Zionist Jews; Prof. Dr. Yasemin Avcı (PAÜ, Dept. of History), The project titled “Imperial Policies in Al-Quds. Public Space and Social Identity (1871-1948)”: Evaluation of the findings; Dr. Ömür Yazıcı Özdemir (PAÜ, Dept. of History), Complaints and policies in Al-Quds under two empires (1871-1948); Yunus Emre Akyol (PAÜ, Dept. of History, PhD student), Jews of Al-Quds during the Ottoman and the Mandate periods: Crossings of Ottomanism, Zionism and Imperialism; Mihriban Uçar (PAÜ, Dept. of History, PhD student), Imperial norms in Al-Quds urban space: from pluralism t polarization (1871-1948); Assoc. Prof. Alaattin Dolu (Kastamonu University, Dept. of History), The public function of cinema and theater in Al-Quds under British administration; Assoc. Prof. Mustafa Öksüz (Van Yüzüncü Yıl University, Dept. of Islami History an Arts), Drawing the panorama of a city: Non-Muslim communities and urban settlements in Al-Quds in the 16th century; Assoc. Prof. Abdullah Çakmak (Afyon Kocatepe University, Dept. of Islamic History and Arts), Custodians of the third sacred place: Ottoman Sultans’ waqfs in Al-Quds Al-Sharif; Dr. Ali İhsan Aydın (Fatih Sutan Mehmet Middle East and Africa Research and Application Center), The Ottoman property system in Al-Quds and construction practices (1872-1917); Elif Fatma Bahadır (FSM Waqf University, Dept. of History, PhD student), Tracing properties in Ottoman Al-Quds: cadaster operations in the Hitta Gate and Khalil Gate districts (1875-1917); Prof. Dr. Mustafa Beyazıt (PAÜ, Dept. of Art History), The monumental significance of the Dome of the Rock in the Muslim world; Assoc. Prof. Talha Çiçek (Medeniyet University, Dept. of History), Localization of the war: Cemal Pasha and urban transformation in Al-Quds during World War I; Assoc. Prof. Selim Tezcan (Ankara University, Dept. of History), Historiography in the Palestinian Arab press and formation of Palestinian identity in the early Mandate period; Assoc. Prof. Hasan Hüseyin Güneş (Bartın University, Dept. of History), A window into the history of Al-Quds: structural processes of modernity at the Damascus Gate; Dr. Can Deveci (Erciyes University, Dept. of History), Education and identity formation in Palestine under British administration (1925-1931).

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