Resolution of the First Session of COMIAC


2. Istanbul Centre

A) The Committee expresses its appreciation of the phases implemented by the Centre, the projects it has undertaken and the results it has achieved within a short period of time and with limited resources. It calls upon the Member States to pay their contributions and arrears without delay so that the Centre may achieve its objectives in the service of the Islamic world.

B) The Committee also expresses its esteem and thanks to the Governments of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the Republic of Turkey for the financial and technical assistance they have provided for the restoration of the historical building which is part of the Yildiz Palace and which the Turkish Government has made available to the Centre as its headquarters. This support has facilitated the early completion of the first phase of the restoration by the Centre which now appeals to the Member States and to the Islamic Solidarity Fund to make donations so as to enable it to complete the remaining phases of the project.

C) The Centre is requested to communicate the document it has already distributed at committee level to the Member States and all cultural institutions having the same competences as the Centre. Similarly, the Member States and their cultural and academic institutions are invited to establish cooperation and coordination with the Centre to help it to achieve its objectives and realise its projects in the interest of the Islamic world.