Resolution of the Second Session of COMIAC

M) Research Centre for Islamic History, Art and Culture (IRCICA)

The sub-committee commends the prominent efforts expanded by the Centre in the fields of study and research in culture and history, in publishing several important books, periodicals and indexes relating to the various fields of Islamic heritage. The sub-committee complimented IRCICA on completion of ten years of dedicated work.

The sub-committee reaffirms the need for the Member States to fulfill their obligations towards the budget of the Centre, on regular basis, so as to enable it to implement its work plans and programs.

The sub-committee addresses sincere thanks to the Government of the Republic of Turkey for its generous provision of some other buildings of Yildiz Palace to the Centre and appeals to the Member States to extend voluntary donations so as to complete the repair of these buildings and to utilise them for the further development of the Centre's work in future.