Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (ISESCO)

IRCICA and the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (ISESCO), a specialized institution of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, have signed a Cooperation Agreement which formalises the working relations and cooperation between the two bodies thus paving the way or more intensive exchanges and joint activities in future. The agreement was signed at ISESCO headquarters in Rabat, Kingdom of Morocco on 11 July 2006, during the visit of IRCICA Director General Dr. Halit Eren to ISESCO Director General Dr. Abdulaziz bin Othman Al-Tuwaijri for the purpose of this agreement.

By this agreement, the two bodies agreed to cooperate in research and studies; to publish books and references dealing with Islam, its history, civilisation and culture; to hold symposia and lectures; to organise exhibitions and cultural gatherings/meetings; to study the Islamic heritage by scientific and scholarly means and disseminate the results of these studies with the aim of better introducing the riches of Islamic civilisation. The two institutions also agreed to support efforts directed to dialogue among different civilisations and cultures; provide assistance to researchers and initiate incentive awards to encourage innovative research efforts in the fields of Islamic history, art and culture.

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