IRCICA in the Information Media

IRCICA was most pleased with the interest shown by the international and national press and television media in its activities and the ample coverage given to its general and/or specific aspects. Many representatives of the press, radio and television channels interviewed the Director General and staff members on subjects related to the Centre, the fields of academic interest, and/or global cultural and political issues. Media representatives were invited to attend cultural events organised by the Centre such as conferences, symposia and exhibitions. Their coverage of IRCICA’s activities was of immense help in introducing the Centre to interested circles, disseminating information and raising worldwide public awareness about the cultural, artistic and academic subjects dealt with.

Reflections from the Press

Following are some of the articles that were published about the Centre and excerpts from television interviews.

Al-Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (17 February 1990), published an article under the following heading: "Publications of IRCICA became references for academic institutions in the Islamic World", based on a report released by the International Islamic News Agency (IINA).

Arts and the Muslim World, London, No. 3, Summer 1983: an article was published covering the international symposium on Common Principles, Forms and Themes of Islamic Arts organised by IRCICA in April 1983 and the Centre’s activities in general.

Al-Madina newspaper dated 15 May 1985 announced the publication of the catalogue of Medical Manuscripts in the Libraries of Turkey.

Sino-Arabia, the bulletin of Sino-Arabian Association in Taiwan, Republic of China, included an article by Mr. Tsai Pai-Chuan introducing IRCICA. March 1984 issue of the London-based journal Arabia is quoted as the source of reference for this article in Chinese.

April 1985 issue of The Athenian monthly published in Greece, included an article entitled "To the City" by Mr. Edward Fenton which introduces Istanbul, as well as IRCICA.

"The Centre is a clear example of the kind of joint Islamic work that the common history, heritage, philosophy, existence and faith require and present challenges and future prospects call for." Abdulwahab Kattaya’s article in Ittihad, 19 June 1986.

Heegan, a weekly publication in Somalia had a comprehensive article on IRCICA (18 July 1986).

No. 8, 15 April 1986, issue of Preporod, Sarajevo, contained an article by Feti Mehdiu about the international symposium on Translations of the Meanings of the Holy Quran (1986).

Sawt el-Shaab, Amman, 7 May 1988: An article titled "The Research Centre in Istanbul and strengthening historical ties between Islamic peoples" stated that the first cultural organisation of the OIC was born in one of the historic palaces in Istanbul, itself a symbol of the great Islamic history and a fine example of Islamic arts and that the Centre was able in its first five years to advance successfully towards the objectives it strives to achieve, due to the sound policies drawn by the OIC.

Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, London, published a report titled "Seminar of Yildiz Palace on scholarly research in Islamic civilisation and recommendations on planning for the next century" (18 November 1988). Another article about the series of international symposia on history of science and technology in the Islamic world was published on 8 April 1989. And a third article, in a series of five, published in 21 July 1989 was titled "The Middle East in the first scholarly conference on Islamic civilisation in the Malay World on rewriting the history of the region by Muslim scholars". It was about the international seminar organised by IRCICA in Brunei Darussalam in June 1989.

"An international symposium in Istanbul discusses a strategy for research into Islamic civilisation": article published in Al-Jazirah, Riyadh (16 October 1988).

Arab Heritage Newsletter, is published by the Institute of Arab Manuscripts affiliated to the Arab Organisation for Education, Culture and Science (ALECSO) in Kuwait. July 1986 issue no. 26 contains the resolution of its Executive Council concerning cooperation with IRCICA in the cultural field, and announces the Centre’s books titled Catalogue of Manuscripts in the Koprulu Library and International Directory of Islamic Cultural Institutions.

Xinhua, China: An article by Qian Wenrong dated 22 July 1986 describes IRCICA, its premises and its different activities in detail.

Al-Dustur, Jordan: An article by Ahmed Anany, on the publication of the Ottoman Archives guidebook (22 October 1986) is titled: "Great News for Historians".

Iqra’ journal, Saudi Arabia, published an article titled "IRCICA: the first cultural centre in OIC to support the cultural cooperation in the Muslim World" in its issue dated 14.04.1411 H.

An article by Muhamed Mufaku in the journal Rilindja, Yugoslavia (1 January 1987) introduced IRCICA’s research activities.

The Bulletin of the Middle East Studies Association (MESA) Vol. 21, No. 1, dated July 1987 contains a detailed article introducing IRCICA.

A team from Kuwait Television interviewed the Director General of IRCICA on the Centre’s premises on 17 August 1987, where the Centre’s work and subjects concerning cooperation between Arab countries and Turkey was discussed.

Producer Adnan Ramahi and his team from Jordan TV visited IRCICA to prepare a film about its activities (September 1987).

Al-Ahd Journal, Qatar, published an article on 30 October 1990 introducing the projects and activities of IRCICA.

On 7 April 1990, The 7th Day daily published in Paris announced the sale of IRCICA greeting cards bearing reproductions of historical photographs of the Muslim world.

An article introducing the greeting cards prepared by the Centre came out in Qatar’s Al-Raya newspaper on 20 March 1990 under the following title: "IRCICA published greeting cards that carry rare historical photographs: Photographs of Kaba, Al Kuds Al Shareef, Beirut, Cairo and Sana’a published for the first time."

On 31 July 1990, the Saudi daily OKAZ published an article, quoted from Reuters news agency, on IRCICA’s exhibition organised in Cairo on the occasion of the Nineteenth Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers.

Al-Ahram, Cairo published an article on 17 June 1990 about IRCICA under the heading "The head of the first research centre for Islamic history and culture says" and quoted Director General’s words: “Our aim is to address the Islamic mind and conscience on a sound basis. We work for the preparation of a generation of scientific researchers".

Large press coverage was given to the activities of IRCICA in general and the official meetings and contacts held by the Centre within the framework of the Twentieth Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers (Istanbul, August 1991). Several interviews with the Director General were also published. IRCICA’s activities were widely reflected in the press and included an exhibition of historical photographs about the "Cities of the Muslim world one century ago". The exhibition was opened on the premises of IRCICA and attended by Dr. Hamid Algabid, OIC Secretary General, Ambassador Ozdem Sanberk, Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs of Turkey, and the conference delegates.

2 February 1990 issue of the Al-Akhbar newspaper published article about IRCICA’s publication titled "Bibliography of Translations of the Meanings of the Holy Quran".

Al-Bayan newspaper, Dubai (19 March 1992) published an article titled "IRCICA: a castle for heritage and a place for contribution."

An article titled "Cultural activities by IRCICA on the occasion of the Islamic Summit held in Casablanca in December 1994" was published in the Al-Hayat newspaper, London, in its 7 January 1995 issue.

Arab News, Saudi Arabia, published an article on 8 March 1995 by Abdul Wahab Bashir titled "IRCICA acts to preserve cultural heritage." The article underlined the book about the "Islamic Architecture in Bosnia and Herzegovina" produced by IRCICA as the only reference of its kind which came under an ambitious project undertaken by the Centre to preserve and portray Islamic civilisation and its contribution to humanity.

An article titled "IRCICA acts to preserve cultural heritage" came out in Al-Hayat 8 March 1995 issue.

Al-Liwa newspaper in Beirut, published an article about IRCICA’s activities, introducing its projects, publications and seminars. The article mentioned that the Centre was considered as one of the most efficient subsidiary organs of the OIC (7 April 1995).

Syria Times (12 June 1995) published an extensive interview conducted by Mr. Bashar Sati with the Director General of IRCICA regarding the Centre’s activities. "The Centre has many plans for the future, thanks to the extensive volume of the Islamic culture, which surfaced fourteen centuries ago and will continue until the Resurrection Day" said IRCICA Director General while explaining the future projects.

"We are at IRCICA on the occasion of its Fifteenth Anniversary. … Prof. Ihsanoglu is a historian of science. His being at the head of a big institution like IRCICA is a gain. Researchers from all over the world benefit from IRCICA’s archives and data banks. …" Taha Akyol in Milliyet newspaper, 5 November 1995

On 9 February 1996, Al-Muslimoon daily in Jeddah published an article under the following title: "15 years passed since the establishment of IRCICA." The article stated that the Centre made major achievements and became one of the most important centres for study and research.

Middle East newspaper published in London on 31 January 1995, contained an article about the greeting cards produced by IRCICA and bearing reproductions of historical photographs selected from its archives. Another article was published by this paper on 19 May 1997 about the International Seminar on Arabesque in the Crafts of OIC Countries organised in Damascus jointly by IRCICA and the Ministry of Culture of Syria. The article carried the following title: "Islamic crafts mean cultural and economic advantages." Another article about the international symposium on Islamic Civilisation in Caucasia organised by IRCICA in Baku on December 1998 was also published by the same daily in its issue dated 15 January 1999.

Al-Dustur published in Jordan on 30 January 1997 contained an article about the two activities organised by IRCICA; the international symposium Islamic Civilisation in West Africa held in Dakar, Senegal, on December 1996, and the seminar on Arabesque in the Crafts of OIC Countries held in Damascus, Syria, on January 1997.

"IRCICA, our cultural ambassador" was the title of an article published in the newspaper Turkiye on 3 February 1998.

Al-Alam, Morocco, featured the cooperation agreement signed between the International Centre for the Promotion of Crafts, Fez, and IRCICA, Istanbul, in an article published on 15 November 1998.


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