Manuscript Translations of the Holy Qur'an

A long-term research project of an immense scale was undertaken, to scan the collections of libraries, archives, research institutions and personal collections, collect data, compile and publish bibliographies of translations of the Quran written in manuscript form. The task is undertaken by Dr. Nejat Sefercioglu, a scholar and specialist in bibliography who joined the Centre in 1986 to conduct this project. Approximately 5,000 manuscript translations and exegeses of the Quran in 61 languages and dialects have been assessed until now. World Bibliography of Translations of the Holy Qur'an in Manuscript Form covering the translations and exegeses of the Holy Qur'an in manuscript form which are found in libraries, archival institutions, public and private collections all over the world. The first volume comprises bibliographic entries for 293 translations in 58 languages and dialects excluding Turkish, Persian and Urdu published in 2000. Translations and exegeses in Persian, Urdu and Turkish are not covered in this bibliography because of their magnitude. The second volume will contain the entries for 1,600 manuscript translations and exegeses in Turkish. It will be followed by two volumes, covering the manuscript works in Persian and Urdu numbering slightly more than 2,500 according to present records.