Acknowledgement of Services to Islamic Decorative Arts

On the occasion of the seventh centennial of the foundation of the Ottoman State, a program was implemented jointly by IRCICA and the Foundation for Research in Islamic History, Art and Culture (ISAR) to acknowledge valuable contributions to the protection and development of traditional decorative arts. The fields of arts comprised in this program were gilding, miniature painting, ebru (marbled paper), bookbinding, application on various materials. Contributions to the management of artistic activities in these fields were also recognised.

The program consisted of the presentation of plaques and certificates of appreciation to select personalities who were involved in these arts for at least 25 years, and an exhibition of art works in various branches of traditional decorative arts. Twenty-five art teachers and artists, chosen for services rendered in various branches of the traditional decorative arts, were presented with plaques and certificates of appreciation at a ceremony held on Friday, 6 April 1999 in IRCICA’s conference and exhibition hall. Here a joint exhibition composed of three to five works by each artist was displayed for the occasion.

In addition to the above, IRCICA undertook many other activities related to arts in its capacity as the Secretariat of the International Commission for the Preservation of Islamic Cultural Heritage (ICPICH).

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