Art Exhibitions

Art exhibitions are organised on IRCICA’s premises, in the Member States and other countries with the objective of making the Islamic arts better known and for encouraging artists. The exhibitions organised until now presented works from many categories of art including calligraphy, illumination and gilding, calligraphy applied on metal, wood and other materials, miniatures, paintings, prayer beads, marbled paper (Ebru), bookbinding, textiles, ceramics, engravings, carvings on various materials, and architectural designs.

"Holding art exhibitions at the Centre was our objective from the first day," recalls Dr. Hidayet Yavuz Nuhoglu, "but we could not manage it until Cit Qasr and its hall were given to the use of the Centre. Once we had this hall, the series of exhibitions we launched on calligraphy, prayer beads, wood carvings and others, and the meetings which we held here, gathering artists and art lovers for informal talks, lectures, commemoration of illustrious masters, all were met with growing interest. Gradually, we diversified the topics of the lectures given here. Our first exhibition at Cit Qasr displayed ‘Calligraphy by Hasan Celebi and young artists’, from 18-22 April 1983, during the period of the international symposium on the Common Principles, Forms and Themes of Islamic Art."

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