The proceedings of the symposium were published in 1989 with the cooperation of "Dar ul Fikr", Damascus, under the title Islamic Art, Common Principles, Forms and Themes, Proceedings of the international symposium held in Istanbul in April 1983. The papers are published in their original language, in English, Arabic or French. The book contains the Istanbul Declaration on Islamic Arts issued by the symposium participants.

An important publication of IRCICA in the field of arts is the Arabic translation of the book by Prof. Dr. Oktay Aslanapa titled Turkish Art and Architecture, which was originally published in English. The book was translated into Arabic by Prof. Ahmad M. Issa. This is a reference work about the history of Turkish architecture and various branches of art such as carpet-making, the arts of the book, including calligraphy, miniatures and binding, among others.

The book titled Islamic Swords and Swordsmiths, published in cooperation with the Ministry of Information of Kuwait in 1988, is an illustrated catalogue of 114 swords which were used between the first and tenth centuries Hijra (7th-16th centuries AD) and are preserved today at the Topkapi Palace Museum in Istanbul. The book was translated and published in the Malay language by "Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka" (DBP), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in 1993. An English edition, prepared by IRCICA, was published in 2000.

Islamic Art Terms (Lexicon: Explained and Illustrated), by Ahmad M. Issa, is an Arabic-English lexicon containing one thousand and four hundred terms related to Islamic arts and architecture. It is the enlarged edition of the Glossary of Islamic Art Terms (1988). This new revised and enlarged edition came out in 1994.

The Holy Ka’ba, a study of the collection of locks and keys kept at the Topkapi Museum in Istanbul, prepared by Prof. Tercan Yilmaz from Istanbul University, and translated into Arabic at IRCICA, is a descriptive catalogue of 55 locks and keys kept at Topkapi Palace Museum in Istanbul. It was published by IRCICA in Arabic, in 1993.

Curtains of the Haramein Sharifein, a catalogue prepared by Dr. Hulya Tezcan from the Topkapi Palace Museum. It was translated into Arabic at IRCICA and published in 1997. It gives the description of 67 pieces of Holy Relics which are preserved in the Museum.

The Art of Calligraphy in Islamic Heritage won worldwide appreciation as an outstanding scholarly and artistic publication. It was prepared by IRCICA’s art and calligraphy adviser Prof. h.c. Ugur Derman, edited and introduced by Prof. Ihsanoglu, and the historical overview prepared by the late Prof. Dr. Nihat M. Cetin. It was translated into Arabic by Dr. Salih Sadawi Salih (IRCICA), and published first in Arabic in 1990. The Turkish edition was published in 1992. Subsequently, it was translated into English by Mr. Mohamed Zakariya and Mr. Mohamed Asfour and published in 1998.

A Japanese edition, translated from Arabic by Mr. Kouichi Honda, was published by Heibonsha Limited, Tokyo, in 1996. Malay edition of the work, entitled Seni Khat, was translated by Romzi Omar and Fauzi Mustafa, published by Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka and IRCICA, Kuala Lumpur, 2000, Malaysia.

The book contains an elaborate scholarly text on the history of the development of the art of calligraphy and 192 plates of reproductions of selected calligraphic masterpieces.

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