The History and Cultures of Muslim Nations

A series of research projects grouped under the title History of Muslim Nations was among the first to be launched as soon as the Centre became operational. The projects are devised with the aim of producing reliable and objective sources on the history of the various nations which make up the Muslim world. Such sources, to be written by historians from the countries concerned, would also serve the purpose of correcting the existing misunderstandings and misconceptions about the history and the culture of Muslim nations. They would help to promote mutual understanding and affinities among Muslim nations as well as between Muslims and other nations and peoples of the world.

Activities planned under this broad title are implemented through research projects relating to the various regions and groups of countries within the Muslim world, including, from East to West, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, Caucasia and the Balkans, West Africa, as well as the history of Turks and the Muslim nations and communities living outside of the OIC member countries. The geographical scope of the project is increasing steadily to cover other Muslim nations and communities throughout the world.

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