High officials from Chad welcomed at IRCICA


A working meeting was held with a high-level Chadian delegation during their visit to IRCICA on 7 January 2024. Assistant Director General Prof. Aboubacar Abdullah Senghore, and Head of Research and Publications Prof. Cengiz Tomar, welcomed the distinguished guests, Sheikh Dr. Abakar Walar Modou, Secretary General of the League of Ulama, Preachers and Imams of Sahel Countries, Member of the Chadian Parliament; Mr. Jibril Said Amme, Advisor to the President of Chad for Religious Affairs; Sheikh Ahmad Al-Hilu, Grand Mufti of Chad, together with Prof. Ahmet Kavas, who was Türkiye’s Ambassador to Chad during 2013-5. Academic cooperation developed between the Republic of Chad and IRCICA, especially since the Congress on “Islamic History and Civilization in Central African Region” (2019) organized jointly with King Faisal University of Chad in N’Djamena. Cooperation possibilities were discussed.

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