The History of Islam in South Africa


To coincide with the release of the second edition of his book The Crescent at the Cape. The True Story of Shaykh Abu-Bakr Effendi (1814-1880) which was recently published by IRCICA, Dr. Shafiq Morton, a leading editor and historian of Southern Africa, presents the podcast on the “History of Islam in South Africa”. This podcast series is part of IRCICA’s ongoing work on the stories of Muslim countries and communities in Southern Africa and follows from the successful Third International Congress on “Islamic Civilization in Southern Africa. History, Contemporary State, and Future Perspectives, Dedicated to the Legacies of Muslim Leaders – Shaykh Ebubekir Efendi and Imam Abdullah Haron” which was jointly organized by IRCICA, AwqafSA (National Awqaf Foundation South Africa) and the University of Cape Town, in Cape Town, South Africa, in September 2022. The podcast series which is narrated by Dr. Morton alongside his guests who are experts in the field, tackles various topics including, the formation of an early Muslim community in Southern Africa, the role of the Ottoman religious teacher Shaykh Abu-Bakr Effendi, who was appointed to the region in 1862 to help educate the Muslim community at the Cape, the Muslim experience under Apartheid, the characteristics of the African Muslim society and the place of women, the creation of Islamic institutions in post-Apartheid era and what it means to be Muslim in South Africa today.

The recorded episodes are available on our YouTube Channel.
The Crescent at the Cape. The True Story of Shaykh Abu-Bakr Effendi (1814-1880) by Shafiq Morton is available to purchase here
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