IRCICA Newsletter Issue 73

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In this issue

  • “Islamic Civilisation in Central Asia” international congress: Astana, Kazakhstan, 4-7 September 2007
  • The Thirty-Fourth Session of the Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers (Session of Peace, Progress and
    Harmony) held in Islamabad, Pakistan

IRCICA Activities

  • “Al-Quds/Jerusalem 2015” Program: fact-finding mission
  • History congress to mark the centenary of the 1908 Constitution of the Ottoman State
  • Cultural activities organised in Damascus: Exhibitions, concert
  • International congress on “Employment of Traditional Handicrafts in Architectural Projects”,
    in Tunis, on 2-7 June 2008

Lectures, exhibitions at IRCICA

Cultural Events

Cultural Institutions

  • A glimpse at some programs of Oriental Studies in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan

Book Survey

IRCICA Publications

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