Lecture introducing IRCICA and its activities


The Director General of IRCICA, Ambassador Prof. Dr. Mahmud Erol Kılıç, gave a lecture introducing IRCICA and its activities during the international session on culture and arts held by the Turkish Touring and Automobile Association, Istanbul, on 27 February 2022. The session, devoted to the theme of “Institutions”, was part of a series of conferences attended by cultural and media circles, professionals, researchers and students.

IRCICA Director General’s lecture described the objectives of IRCICA, its research projects, international conferences, art events, activities relating to preservation and promotion of cultural heritage, and contributions to enhancing acquaintances between peoples of the world by means of interactive cultural platforms.

Turkish Touring and Automobile Association is an international organization dedicated to development of tourism, mainly cultural tourism. It was founded in the first years of the Turkish Republic by a group of deputies, diplomats, intellectuals and professionals and later recognized as a public benefit institution serving tourism and international cultural relations (https://www.turing.org.tr/en/our-history/).

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