Meeting and book exhibition in commemoration of the scholar of the Turkic world Prof. Dr. Nadir Devlet


A meeting was held at IRCICA on 10 May 2023 in commemoration of Prof. Dr. Nadir Devlet, the well-known scholar and author on the history and international relations of the Turkic world, who passed away in 2021. Throughout his academic career, Prof. Devlet taught at Marmara, Columbia, Wisconsin, Yeditepe, İstanbul Ticaret, and Aydın Universities and published extensively on the social, cultural and economic history and development of the Turkic peoples of Russia, Caucasia and Central Asia during the 20th-21st centuries. He donated his valuable library collection and documentary archive to IRCICA; the catalogue of the collection is in preparation.

The meeting at IRCICA brought together Nadir Devlet’s colleagues, students and friends, as well as researchers working in related fields. Following the welcoming words by the Assistant Director General of IRCICA Prof. Dr. Aboubacar A. Senghore representing the Director General, a panel was moderated by Dr. Ayna Askeroğlu (Istanbul University). Talks were given by Professors Ahmet Taşağıl from Yeditepe University, Ahmet Kanlıdere and Mehdi Genceli from Marmara University, Cengiz Tomar from IRCICA, and Ms. Beril Devlet, spouse of the late Nadir Devlet. A selection of books from his collection preserved at IRCICA was displayed on the occasion.

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