Governor of Istanbul Mr. Vasip Şahin’s visit of congratulation to Dr. Halit Eren on IRCICA’s moving to its new location

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Governor of Istanbul Mr. Vasip Şahin paid a visit of congratulation to Director General Dr. Halit Eren on 14 July 2017, the first work day of the Centre in its new location. Governor Şahin expressed his best wishes to Dr. Eren on the occasion.

The new headquarters allocated to IRCICA by the Presidency of the Turkish Republic are located in a historical complex of buildings in the Gulhane district in old Istanbul, in and around the original building of the Ottoman “Hazine-i Evrak” (“Treasury of Documents”, i.e. the state archives) which was part of the “Bab-ı Ali” (“Sublime Porte”), i.e. the Grand Vizier’s offices. The Centre moved from Yıldız Palace complex to these also historical premises mid-July 2017 after their restoration for the centre’s use.

The visit was also an occasion for Dr. Eren to inform Governor Şahin on recent developments in IRCICA’s activities.

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