Visit of a delegation from Pakistan to IRCICA on cooperation for protection of cultural heritage

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A delegation from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan visited IRCICA for meetings on the subject of cultural cooperation and collaboration between Pakistan and IRCICA in general and with special focus on preservation of cultural heritage in Jammu and Kashmir. The delegation chaired by Mr. Amir Hasan, Federal Secretary, National History and Literary Heritage Division, Islamic Republic of Pakistan and comprising Syed Junaid Akhlaq, Director General, Department of Archaeology and Museums, Ms. Midhat Shahzad, Secretary, Information, Tourism and IT, Government of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, and Ms. Tehreem Bano, Assistant Director (Kashmir Affairs), Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan, held a series of consultations with Director General Prof. Dr. Halit Eren.

A meeting of the Pakistani delegation and Director General and senior officials of IRCICA was held on 20 July where appreciation was expressed of the long-standing cooperation between Pakistan and IRCICA in different areas of cultural studies including cultural heritage of Kashmir. The latter has been a permanent item on the agenda of the OIC and therefore included in the work programs of OIC’s cultural centre IRCICA as a research project. The various valuable heritage sites, some centuries-old, located in Kashmir include mosques, graves and shrines, monuments and artefacts belonging to Muslims and other faiths.

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